Cricket could easily be called one of the fastest growing sports today in the world. Every year it gathers an increasing number of fans in different parts of the world, on different continents and different countries.

Betway – what place does online cricket betting occupy in the world?

Online cricket betting is now available in a wide variety of bookmakers. Each company offers its own chips, which are a comparative advantage. What features and distinctive features Betway has and we offer you to find out today.

From the origins of Betway to today

Betway betting company was established back in 2006, in Malta. There she also received an international review of activities, and was recognized as an international office with a good rating. Betway provided users with the opportunity to bet on various sports from the very beginning, and especially took into account the cricket segment and began to develop it rapidly. To date, the company declares about 2 million active customers, 35% of whom are interested and bet on cricket. Most of all, Betway is focused on the market of European countries, but is also developing towards Asia. 12 languages are available on the company’s website for 2021. And the bookmaker company has an international license for the current year from the UK, Belgium, Ireland and Spain. Moreover, when registering, customers have the opportunity to create a game account in different currencies: from the US dollar and the euro to rumpies and dinars.

Betway offers a wide range of different bets

In general, the betting company currently offers bids on more than 35 types of sports disciplines. That is, the choice is quite large and diverse, and the painting line is wide. As for cricket, Betway did not bypass this sport. Now the bookmaker company presents more than 1000 different cricket bids, and about 350 of them are wages on top championships and tournaments. The variety varies from betting on statistics to betting on elimination and promotion. I would also like to point out one very attractive point – the average margin in Betway to bet on cricket before the start of the sports meeting is 6-8%. These indicators attract new customers very well, and make old ones loyal.
As for the minimum and maximum deposit and the size of wages, the deposit as well as the minimum rate is 0.05 euros, both for cricket and for any event from the list line. Speaking of the maximum value, the deposit amount is almost in no way organic, and there can be any amount in available currencies in your gaming room. However, the maximum rate is determined by the office depending on the sport. Cricket is about 100,000 euros. Moreover, the maximum winnings on the bid are also limited – at a time winning can bring you up to 500,000 euros.

Features of live mode in Betway bids

Live is the favorite mode of operation for most betting clients. What explains this? Probably because players can independently monitor the sports meeting and make adjustments to their bid as the course of events, odds and quotes change. The same situation is in Betway – most customers play live, and the office itself gives a wide list of wages on live mode.
For example, the painting for the top and popular cricket match, or for the championship match can exceed 150 positions. Moreover, the average margin size in live mode is 9-10%, which is even more attractive to customers.

Betway special offers and functions on cricket betting

Bonus offers and features of each bookmaker create comparative advantages that distinguish the bookmaker company against the background of everyone else. Betway is very thoughtful in this regard, and it has many tempting offers for its customers in its arsenal. Where to start?
One of the most revealing features of Betway can easily be called the CashOut function. This service allows the player to make an early request to calculate the wage – in pre-match or live mode. The bookmaker himself decides whether such a request will be approved. In 90% of cases, the request is accepted and the funds must be immediately credited to your game account. Such a calculation for your bid is usually formed on the basis of the coefficient that was at the time of the bid, adjusted for the current coefficient at the time of request for the same outcome on the cricket.
Continuing the topic of bookmaker’s chips, it is impossible not to mention the opportunity to collect your own wage – there is a BetYourWay section for this. With this section you can collect your own express, which will consist of several outcomes, but all of them will concern the same event.

Pros and cons of the bookmaker’s characteristics

Any bookmaker has its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, you should definitely take this into account when choosing a bookmaker company with which you will bet on cricket. As for the advantages of Betway, the main ones are the availability of online cricket broadcasts and the availability of mobile applications for different operating systems. Moreover, as we have already indicated, the maximum amount of payment can reach 500,000 euros, which is a very good indicator compared to other bookmaker companies. The main negative feature of Betway is considered to be the lack of a totalizator, but this factor does not affect the attractiveness of betting and cricket coefficients.

The most frequently asked questions

Among the most frequent questions that customers ask when getting acquainted with the Betway bookmaker, there are poor ones:
How quickly are wages calculated?
Live bets are calculated instantly, and prematch bids are calculated after the end of the sports event.
How to register with Betway correctly?
This process is very easy and takes a wage of minutes: just go to the site and click the button to register. Next, you should fill out the proposed form and everything is ready.