Pure Win

Pure Win is the new name for Pure Casino. It offers a variety of options for sports betting. Pure Win offers a convenient interface for customers and quite clear user experience designs so that everyone can quickly understand how to use it.

What is a Pure Win betting platform?

The Pure Win platform also provides a categorial differentiation of games. You can quickly find your game of interest just by looking through the game categories.

What is crucial about Pure Win?

New users of Pure Win can create their accounts in just two minutes by registering. Below are the popular game categories easily accessible from the home page of Pure Win.

  • Live games
  • Indian games
  • Board games

Information about promotions

For full games, the Pure Win list will move to the top heading or sidebar menu and click on the casino or live casino tab. There is a scoreboard with the dealer’s name, betting range and the number of participating players. On the casino tab, you will find various categories of games such as jackpot and scratch card games as well as Indian games.
The new tab, billed as a Sportsbook, covers cricket, Formula 1, basketball, MMA, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, and many more sports.

How to make bets on cricket?

Cricket is a very popular sport in India. Considering that the population of this country exceeds 1 billion people, many experts argue that cricket is second in popularity all over the globe (after football). Competitions in this field are held throughout the year, so betters can regularly place bets on this sport. Since Pure Win is an Indian bookmaker, it is not surprising that there are many options exactly on this sport.

What are the features of cricket?

To make successful cricket predictions, you need to be well versed in the rules of the game. Outwardly, cricket is similar to baseball, because here, too, the defending team serves the ball, and the attacking team kicks it off. However, the similarities between the two sports practically end there.
The game involves two teams, each of which has 11 people. In the middle of the round-shaped field there is a pitch (pitch) with a diameter of 20 m, inside which the main actions are carried out. Representatives of each team take turns serving and hitting balls. In defense, the defending team has a player who serves and 10 more field athletes. The attacking team consists of two players (batsmen) who hit the balls and are located on opposite sides of the pitch.
The attacking team aims to earn the maximum runs in one over, consisting of 6 innings. The batsman needs to try to knock the ball as far as possible in order to reach the edge of the pitch. If the defending team is able to catch the ball before it touches the ground, the batsman is removed from the game. The teams switch sides after 10 batsmen are removed from the game.

What cricket bets can people make?

In cricket, there are almost all the same bets as in other sports. For example, bookmakers accept bets on the outcome of a meeting. In matches of the first level, a tie is possible, so there are three results in the list. In terms of the frequency of draws, cricket can be compared with hockey, the coefficients for this result are appropriate. One-day tournaments do not involve a draw and continue until one of the teams wins.
In this discipline, standard handicap stakes are also widespread when teams of different levels meet. You may bet on the total runs for the entire game, or for separate intervals. Common totals and individual totals are accepted for one of the teams.
Many bettors prefer to bet on statistics in cricket. In major competitions, there are gambling options on the personal statistics of players. For example, you may try to guess the number of runs, or 6-point strikes, getting some kind of title (best player). You can bet on the statistics of the match – how many run-outs there will be, the best result of the 1st partnership, how the 1st wicket will collapse, etc.
Any of the above bets can be made on the first innings. Such bets are very popular, especially in long matches, because the result can be found out very quickly. If you do not want to understand the statistics and do an analysis, you are able to bet on the draw – which team will attack first. The chances of winning are 50%.

How to make cricket predictions?

Experienced bettors analyze many factors to predict the outcome of a cricket and make a winning bet. When betting on live, it is important to take into account which team will attack first, which is decided by a draw. The first attacking team has the advantage, because the game starts with a new ball and on a fresh, level field. It is quite easy to hit a perfectly round ball after bouncing off an untouched surface of the field, so the attacking team has an advantage.
The weather plays a major role in a cricket match, as the process is interrupted when it rains. In some countries, such as England, rainy weather is common. Therefore, it will rain for at least one day during the 5 days of the competition. It is necessary to take into account how much time will be lost in this regard.

Is it worth betting on cricket at Pure Win?

In general, Pure Win offers excellent casino and sports betting opportunities. Especially for Indian casino players, it is really good that it offers many international sports.
Pros of Pure Win include:

  • Accepts cryptocurrencies
  • Popular Indian games available for gambling
  • Sports betting is also provided
  • Customer support via chat and WhatsApp

The only drawback of the Pure Win platform is that there is no 24/7 live chat support.