The Most Popular Cricket Bets

After you have studied the rules of cricket and decided on the choice of a bookmaker, a wide variety of all kinds of wagers opens up before you. It is very easy for a beginner to get lost in an avalanche of new information about cricket. We will try to understand the essence of the proposed rates together with you and discuss the most popular of them. We are sure that even experienced players could find it interesting. Let’s get started!

Outcome Betting

The most widespread and popular type of wagers on cricket, like in any other sport, is a wager on the outcome of a particular match. You need to decide which team will win and which will be defeated. Everything is very simple.
You need to study the conditions of the match and the preparation of the teams in order to make such a bid. Based on the coefficient of the teams, you can understand on which of the teams the most money is bet. There is also a tie option for first-class cricket matches.
This type of wager is the most popular among bidding fans. This format is equally suitable for both professionals and beginners.

Completed Match

In this option, you are asked to make a prediction for the end of a one-day match. Everything is extremely simple. You’ve probably heard that due to weather conditions or other external factors, the cricket game is often postponed to another day.
You have to predict whether the match will end today or not. Only two choices, yes or no. For such a wager, it is necessary to study reliable information about the state of the weather, which makes it quite simple, popular, and profitable.

Innings Runs

In order to make this bet, the player needs to predict the number of successful runs during the first inning of the match. Most bookmakers sell this wager in the over / under format. The bookmaker publishes a certain number, and you just need to guess whether the actual number of runs will be more or less than this number. This type is quite difficult, but we assure you a little practice and analysis may help you to succeed.

Best Bowler

As you know from the rules of cricket, a bowler is a striker who serves the ball in order to destroy the wickets of the defending team. This type of wager is more personalized. You are offered to choose one player from any cricket team who, in your opinion, in a given match or tournament will become the most productive bowler and destroy the most wickets. In order to succeed,
we recommend that you familiarize yourself in detail with the composition of the team and their success in previous matches.

Best Batsman

We hope you remember that a batsman is a defensive player who hits the ball from the attacking team. This rate is also personalized. You have to predict which of the players of both cricket teams could be the best in the role of defense in a given match or series of matches. Personalized wagers s are quite difficult to make, as you have to choose from 22 people, the statistics and performance of each of which must be checked before placing a wager. But in this regard, such wagers are more profitable than simple cricket bets on the outcome of the match.

Team of Top Batsman

In case you find it difficult to choose a specific player, you can bet on the team that could have the best batsman. Due to the fact that the choice is narrowed down to choosing one of the two teams, this is much easier to do. You just need to inquire about the overall success of the teams in previous games, on the basis of which you can make an appropriate wager. The chances of winning in such a case are much higher than when betting on one specific player.

Bowler Match Bets

The bookmaker’s office in this type of wager gives you a choice between two cricket players. You have to predict which of them could destroy more wickets in a match or tournament. Such bets are not difficult to make by comparing the performance of two players in previous matches.

Batsman Match Best

By analogy with the previous type of bet, you are asked to choose between two players who claim the role of the best defender in a given cricket match or series of cricket matches. A successful prediction can be made by examining the condition of the field, as irregularities in the field often make it difficult for the batsman to predict the bounce of the ball.

Tournament Winner

The bookmaker invites you to choose a favorite from all the teams represented in the championship and make a prediction who could become the best team in the entire series of games. Many fans bid on their favorite team, often ignoring the facts. We encourage you to place your bets using logic and calculation without giving in to emotions. Study the team, its progress, and statistics before betting on it.

Series Winner

Often, cricket teams meet on the field more than once within a tournament.
These games between teams are called streaks. You can place a wager on which of the two teams could be the winner in a given series of matches.

More / Less Points

This type of wager is quite popular among betting fans. The bookmaker publishes the number of points a team could have at the end of a match or series. You are asked to guess whether the real success of the team could be higher or lower than the given numerical value.

Win Toss

One of the bets in cricket, the success of which depends only on your intuition. You have to predict which team will win the toss by flipping a coin. This type of bet is suitable for risky players who do not particularly want to delve into the intricacies of the game.

Toss Combination

A complicated version of the previous type of bets. First, you choose the team that will win the toss, and then you have to predict what role the given team will choose in defense or attack. In order for the wager to work, you need to guess both the team and its choice.

Odd / Even Runs

It is also a fairly simple and intuitive type of bet. You are offered to try your luck and guess whether the number of runs of a given team per match will be even or odd. An important point to remember is that 0 in this type of wager is considered an even number.

Good Luck in Betting!

Here we have reviewed the most popular cricket wagers. How could you be sure that there is nothing difficult in order to bet on cricket and win! All that is required of you is common sense and a little luck!