Top 5 Tips for Cricket Betting

So, you have learned the basics of cricket, familiarized yourself with its rules and possible types of bets. Is this enough to start betting? Yes, you can bet money on any possible sporting event thanks to the free access and intuitive interface. Could such bets be successful? We are afraid not.
The risk of failing using only your intuition is quite high, especially for beginners. Therefore, we have prepared for you a list of useful tips, thanks to which, as a beginner, you can make successful bets and earn!

Pay Attention to the Weather

We confidently declare that cricket is one of the most weather-dependent sports in the world. Therefore, you should check the weather in the region where the game will take place before placing your bet.
Do not ignore this advice. As a new person in the field of betting, you might think that it doesn’t matter that much. Trust the professionals who study the weather first, as this can be a determining factor in cricket.

Why is the weather so important? Let’s take a look at the impact of weather conditions in cricket:

  • Field condition – the field cover can be earthen or lawn, which reacts differently to precipitation and air humidity. You need to predict in advance whether the cricket teams will drown in the mud or will slide on the wet grass!
  • Duration of the match – due to heavy rain, the match may be suspended, which could increase the duration of the game, which could give the cricket teams the necessary rest or, on the contrary, demoralize the players, depending on their success at the beginning of the match. The length of daylight hours also affects the duration. It all depends on whether artificial lighting is used on the court and what format you are betting on. Please note that test cricket matches are played in natural light only!
  • Ball speed – you need to know that in low humidity and thin air, the ball flies faster, which makes it easier to make a valuable 6-point hit out of bounds. Dry air is also preferred by bowlers, allowing them to spin the ball.
  • The state of the team – some teams from India could feel worse away at a match in England due to high humidity. And vice versa, cricket players from England, having got to the tournament in India, could suffocate from the heat and dry air. Take into account the national characteristics of the cricket teams and their familiar climate.

Examine the state of the field

As we have already mentioned, the field can be with earthen or lawn coverage, but these are far from all the features of the field, so we will consider in more detail what a beginner player should pay attention to while betting.
The first thing to pay attention to is the condition and wear of the field. An uneven surface of the cricket pitch is more beneficial for bowlers who serve the ball. Batsman, in turn, is at a disadvantage, as it is difficult for them to predict the rebound of the ball.
Consider whether the conditions of the site where the match is being played are familiar to the team. Obviously, the cricket team will perform better during the match at their home stadium and could perform worse during the away game.
Determine the height of the cricket field above the sea level, since this directly affects the humidity and rarefaction of the air, the influence of which we mentioned above.

Learn About the Command Condition

Learn about the characteristics of both teams, their preparation, and their physical condition for successful betting. Injuries, substitutions, personal circumstances of the players matter. Find out more about the coach, referees, and even the fans. The ability of players to adapt to new weather conditions and unfamiliar field coverage plays an important role.
If you are betting on the statistics of a certain cricket player, find out more about his previous successes on fields with a similar type of coverage and its performance in recent times.
It often happens that a home cricket team in a tournament, having won the first match, then easily outperforms the rest of their opponents, encouraged by the victory and supported by the cricket fans.
It is necessary to take into account a whole set of factors, without which it is extremely difficult to make a successful bet.

Find Out the Result of the Draw

It would seem that the draw is not so important in the main sports, but not in cricket. By tossing a coin, it is determined which team will attack first and which team will have to defend.
At the beginning of the match, the field is still fresh and the ball is new, which gives the attacking team an advantage. After the role change, the attackers will be in a less advantageous situation using a battered ball and running across an uneven field. This was the reason for the special popularity of LIVEs among betting professionals. They find out about the result of the draw and only after that make their predictions taking into account all the above factors.

Consider the Regulations of the Tournament

Some teams are good at one-day matches with explosive strength and speed, without relying on tactics and strategy. Other teams rely on their endurance and can maintain their usual pace of play for several days using various techniques and tactical moves.
National teams will feel confident at their home courts, teams participating in overseas tournaments will obviously be at a disadvantage.
Find and analyze the statistics of the teams performing at various tournaments, draw certain conclusions, and make your bets!

What Are You Waiting For?

We have covered the most important points that you should pay attention to in order to make profitable and successful cricket bets. Any information about the weather, the state of the teams, the results of the draw, the regulations of the championships, and the state of the field can be easily found on the Internet, on special forums, or on the bookmaker’s website. All you have to do is find a bookmaker you can trust and take your first steps in the exciting world of betting!