Top Teams and Cricket players of 2021

Cricket betting is not a tough task in and of itself. Bookmaker companies have developed convenient sites for us with a clear interface and tips. For people who lead an active lifestyle, special mobile applications have been developed that allow you to stay in touch with the world of cricket betting around the clock and anywhere in the world!
But in our rapidly developing world, we cannot always afford to follow all the important cricket matches and constantly be aware of the changes in the cricket standings.
Therefore, we have prepared for you a list of the most successful teams and players of 2021 in all three cricket match formats: Test, ODI, and T20 format stars.

The best results of the Test

We begin our analysis with representatives of the most elite division in the world of cricket.
Beginners in betting often ask why the matches of this regulation are called Test matches.
The fact is that cricket matches of this format can last up to 5 days in a row and represent for the players of both cricket teams a test of strength, both moral and physical. That is why these matches are called Test matches. The strongest and most enduring cricket teams participate in such matches. Bets on such events are mainly made in the LIVE format since during the course of the match the unexpected can happen and you can place a bet based on changing events.
The best team of this regulation was the team of India, ahead of the crikcet team of New Zealand and Australia. This is not surprising since the largest number of cricket fans live in India.
The Best Batsman was Marnus Labuschagne from Australia. If you see this player in the defending position, this is a signal to you that the bet placed on him in the defending position will most likely be won.
The best Bowler was Pat Cummins from Australia. Keep this in mind when betting on cricket strikers.
The best All-rounder player was Jason Holder from West India. This indicates that this player has shown himself well, both in attack and defense, and has strong tactical cricket playing skills and endurance, which can be useful when choosing who to bet on.

Best ODI Results

ODI matches are played in one day. Teams and players that have excelled in this regulation show the best indicators of strength and speed at short distances. Please bear this in mind when placing your bets.
The best ODI team was New Zealand ahead of England and Australia. From this, we can conclude that the New Zealand team will have the advantage in the matches of one day, but show the worst results in the longer matches. Use this information for successful betting!
The best Batsman in the ODI format was Babar Azam from Pakistan, ahead of two Indians Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. Having beaten the representatives of the strongest cricket team from India, Babar proved that he has excellent reaction and vision, which is the determining factor in the position of the defender. Remember that betting on the best defender.
The Best Bowler in the ODI format was Trent Boult from New Zealand. The ODI striker title is a testament to the tremendous power and accuracy of a player, which can help us decide who to bet on.
The best All-rounder player was Shakib Al Hasan from Bangladesh, which came as a surprise to the cricket fans. We can conclude that the player has an irresistible will to win and explosive power.

Best T20 results

T20 matches are the most dynamic and spectacular of all three formats and also good for betting. The players and teams that have achieved success in these matches are distinguished by their chemistry and the unique ability to maintain the pace of the game and quickly adapt to the enemy. Such players are versatile and highly regarded.
The best T20 team was England, the country that gave the world this sport. Unsurprisingly, she took first place, ahead of India and Pakistan, as she maintains the tradition of the game for centuries.
The best Batsman T20 was the Englishman Dawid Malan, which proves the advantage of the English players in this format. It is worth considering the impenetrable defense of the British when making a bet.
The Best Bowler T20 was Wanindu Hasaranga from Sri Lanka. Given the number of competing teams, it is worth paying tribute to this player, who managed to surpass the attackers of all other countries.
The best player in All-rounder T20 was Mohammad Nabi from Afghanistan. It is worth mentioning that this player also took second place after Shakib Al Hasan in this nomination but in the ODI format. Thus, we can conclude that the player has a large supply of energy and dexterity, which makes him stand out from the rest. Keep it in mind while betting.

All the Cards Up Your Sleeve!

We are on the cusp of 2022 and look forward to a new competitive cricket season. New Matches – New Betting Opportunities! We’ve done a detailed analysis of the top players and teams of 2021 to help you identify the favorites for the 2022 season based on this information. Think and analyze. You already have all the information you need to make a successful bet.
Now it’s up to you.