What is Cricket and How to Make Money from It?

Many of you have probably heard of such a sport as cricket. Many have also heard that many people make good money by wagering. We are going to tell you what cricket is and how to make money from it. We’ll walk you through the steps to what you need to know about wagering and cricket so you can start earning as soon as possible! First, let’s find out more about the sport itself.

Widespread Sport With a Long History

Cricket has its origins in the XVI century in the south of England, which makes this sport very respectable and attractive for betting. Thanks to the colonial policy of Great Britain, this kind of activity very quickly spread across the continents, for example, in India, cricket is the most widespread kind of sport after football.
Its prevalence, popularity, and longevity have made cricket one of the most common forms of sports wagering. Cricket games are played almost 24/7 around the world, giving you the opportunity to make money almost anytime.
Before we move on to wagering, we need to understand at least a little about the rules of this game. It is quite difficult to do it yourself, but we will help you!

Cricket Rules and Features

Cricket is a bit like baseball. Two teams of 11 people take part in the game. The attacking team tries to hit the ball from the defending team with a special bat. The serving player is called the bowler, and the batter is called the batsman (not to be confused with the Batman).
The playfield is oval and includes a rectangular green pitch. At the edges of the pitch, there are wickets, destroying which the team removes the batsman of the opposite team from the field.
Players strive to hit as many balls as possible and break as many wickets as possible and, accordingly, earn as many points as possible.
The match can be split into several overs. One team move during a match is called innings. The number of innings is negotiated depending on the format of the match. Over is the period during which the team makes 6 innings. The match itself can last quite a long time – when 10 batsmen of the team are eliminated, the teams change places and start over.
The winner is determined by the judges on the basis of the number of runs made (successful crossing of the pitch), the number of wickets knocked down is also taken into account.
These are the basic cricket points you need to know. Formats of the tournaments are more important for wagering enthusiasts.

Cricket Tournament Formats

We distinguish three main rules of matches, on which we advise you to place wagers:
Level 1 cricket is a competition for high-class teams and national teams. The main distinguishing feature from other competition formats is the duration. Such matches can last up to 5 days. Suitable for both tactical admirers and genuine cricket fans.
One Day International (ODI) – games of this format have a limited number of overs (40-50 overs per match). Thus, the match ends within one day. We recommend choosing this format for people who like a more dynamic game.
T20 is the most spectacular and dynamic regulation that attracts the largest number of spectators. The matches are quite short and only consist of 2 innings, which allows the match to be completed within 2 and a half hours. Suitable for the most impatient and risky betting enthusiasts.

Types of Bets

Now let’s move on to the kinds of wagers that you are able to place directly.
Outcome betting is the simplest type of wager. You are able to bet on a specific team to win or lose. In the case of first-level matches, you besides have the option of betting on a draw.

  • Total bets – in fact, you are bidding on the performance of a certain team, predicting how many points it will score in a certain period of playing time. Totals could be general and individual.
  • Additional bets are wagers that are not presented by bookmakers on a regular basis. You can bet, for example, whether the number of points scored by the team will be even or odd. Such a wager is difficult to calculate and is a way to try your luck relying entirely on intuition. You are able to wager on different statistics of the match as well: the number of runs, and so on. Sometimes you can bet on the best pair of players who will score the most points per match. Long-term bets are also offered, the results of such wagers could be declared at the end of the tournament.
  • Special bets – provide an opportunity to bet on a specific player, I predict who exactly will be the most productive batsman or bowler. For those who like to try their luck, there is an opportunity to bet on the result of the draw. An interesting bidding format is MVP, where you are given the opportunity to guess who will be the best player in the match.

Betting Strategies

Cricket is not an ordinary sport. There are many factors to consider, such as the weather. A match can last for several days and a change in weather can significantly affect the outcome. The best way to bet on cricket is LIVE. Cricket is a fairly leisurely game, so you are given the opportunity to place wagers during a sporting event.
One of the positive features for betting fans is the fact that often the teams’ odds do not correspond to the real state of affairs. This is because cricket fans often bet on their favorite team. Considering that the number of the fan base in different countries differs significantly, the coefficient for a certain team from England or India may be overestimated, which can play into the hands of the bettor.
For successful bids, you need to pay attention to the following things:
In one-day matches, more technical teams are most successful, but in long matches that last 3-5 days, endurance is key
Keep track of team statistics and how they change throughout the year and with changing weather
Watch the movement of teams. Teams are often used to playing in one specific climate

It’s Time to Bet!

We have made sure that cricket is an interesting and multi-level game, in which sometimes surprising moments can occur that provide an opportunity to place wagers. With a little immersion in the study of statistics and the state of the teams, you are able to start placing bets and winning!