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Often people try to find as many services as possible to get information from different sources. In the minds of the crowd, it looks logical. But why bookmark dozens of sites when there is one, which will cover all your needs? Becoming a professional gambler in online cricket is not an easy task, but on the MaaTV website, you will find all the information to start your career simply and correctly.



For more than one year, our squad has been trying to satisfy all the desires of customers and help them become professionals in the field they have chosen. Do you want to make cash on online cricket betting? Let’s do it together! Here is a list of some useful articles that you can find on the MaaTV website:

  • List of the best bookmakers. The starting line of your race for wealth locates here. Many underestimate the importance of choosing their facilities, blindly trusting friends or favorite bloggers. Big mistake! It is better to initially understand all the advantages and disadvantages of each cantor on your own. But do not worry, you will not be left alone in such a difficult manner. We have selections of the best online gambling sites and applications, with a full description of all the features of each agency!
  • Necessary tips for a stable income. In gambling, as in any other business, experience is important. It is difficult to convey it through a video on YouTube or texts on the Internet. Some individuals even hire personal coaches, but the result of their “teaching” leaves much to be desired. To save you funds and time, our team prepares the material in a special way, trying to put their experience and knowledge into every line. In addition, on the site, you can find separate articles and sections with useful life hacks and tips that will make you a real professional!
  • Surveys of commands and players. For qualitative analysis, before any transaction, it is necessary to pay attention to the current state of the opposing teams and their main players. Fortunately, there are separate tops containing the main information and news collections on sports clubs. You can find all info on the MaaTV website! Such a powerful tool will allow you to save time on your analysis and increase the win rate of your trades many times over!
  • An overview of sports rules and features. In order to earn competently and stably, it is worth deeply learning the field of your activity. For you, as a gambler, the field of employment is a sport. Its rules, features of the organization of tournaments, and games are your main allies. Knowing them, it will become easier for you to analyze, and you will get a clear head start over other players in the market. Every, even the smallest detail you notice will become cash, while other players will lose funds!

The team has spent dozens of hours working to ensure every line of text on the MaaTV site carries a useful message and helps you become better every day. Let’s build the life of your dreams together!

Best Online Cricket Bookmakers

The MaaTV team has compiled a selection of the best bookmakers for online cricket betting in India.

Here is the list:



  • Newbies get a gift on their initial deposit up to 150%, maximum RS 30,000
  • Instant withdrawals of funds to a variety of payment systems
  • The best mobile apps according to polls
  • Emphasis on wagering on Indian cricket


  • The first award amount is 50% of the first deposit (up to $300)
  • Reputable British brand
  • High odds
  • The perfect bookmaker for awards hunters, lots of promotions as well as special bonuses for players from India
  • Excellent live gambling section

Royal Panda

  • 50% welcome bonus up to 1000 rupees
  • Nice bonus for fans
  • High-tech approach to doing business
  • Concern for its customers


  • 100% welcome bonus up to 501 rupees
  • The highest level of user care
  • Good customer support
  • Mind-blowing bonuses and promotions


  • The newbies’ gift is 100% of the amount of the initial deposit, maximum Rs 7000
  • The attention to each client
  • Excellent customer support
  • Lots of good reviews


  • No welcome bonus
  • Excellent support from the creators
  • Good bonuses
  • Playtech software


  • Nice introductory gift of 100% on the first deposit, maximum 17,000 INR
  • Wide range of sports disciplines
  • Nice variety of stakes and odds
  • Cryptocurrencies are accepted
  • Good interest rates in cricket


  • Gift on the initial deposit, in the amount of 100% and a maximum amount of 32,000 INR
  • Wide range of sports disciplines
  • Nice variety of stakes and odds
  • Good interest rates in cricket
  • High minimum deposit and withdrawal


  • Small gift for new users in the amount of 100% on the first deposit, maximum 8,000 rupees
  • Low minimum entry threshold, only 85 rupees
  • Excellent mobile app for Android smartphones
  • A wide range of payment systems, including Indian banks

All About Cricket Bet

Cricket wagering is a very popular way to earn extra money without spending 8 hours at the office. If you are an avid fan of this sport, you have every chance to get an opportunity to earn a stable income. Let’s look at the main points you should understand!

Sports wagering is a process in which you, by analyzing the current situation, choose a potential winner in a certain event and risk your cash to prove you are right. With the right approach to work, you get a good understanding of the entire field of professional sport and, as a result, an excellent percentage of winning bets. It leads to the fact that even if you receive several unsuccessful trades per month, you may still get a good profit thanks to a competent distribution of risks and high-quality trades.



Bets are made according to a simple principle. There are two teams, and each has a certain probability of winning. Probability is expressed in odds on the bookie’s website. The higher the coefficient, the weaker the team is considered and the likely it is to lose. You should choose which team you believe in and invest your funds in its victory.

The transaction sum is calculated by dividing your entire payment into equal parts. Most often it is five, ten, or twenty parts. Thus, you should have several additional attempts, in case of your mistake or failure on one of the transactions. Calculating the potential profit is also not difficult.  All you need to do is multiply the volume of your trade by the coefficient, and you get the final result.

As an example, if you invested 100 rupees at a factor of x3.6, then you get back 360 rupees.

Of course, we should not forget that if someone earns, then someone loses. It means your task is not so much to be in the camp of winners as not to be a loser. Be patient and keep a cool head. If you are unsure about a particular game, skip it and save your money before other, better deals!

It is how sports gambling works. There is nothing complicated about them, and after a couple of attempts, you should not have any questions at all. Of course, in this section, our team has not covered all possible aspects, so we recommend you read the remaining materials on the MaaTV website in order to have a better understanding of the gambling business!

Legal Side of Cricket Betting

According to surveys, one of the most common reasons for fear of gambling is the myth about the illegality of this type of activity. The question arises in people’s minds: “Am I taking risks by playing on gamblers resources?” The MaaTV team is in a hurry to reassure you. Gambling is absolutely legal in Bharat and a lot of other countries!

On the one hand, it seems logical for the state to fight against gambling. But in fact, everything turns out to be quite the opposite. The Indian government has long passed a lot of laws regulating the activities of bookies. Being lenient towards gamblers gives you, as a person who wants to get into cricket wagering, several very significant advantages.

Firstly, you absolutely do not risk anything by logging in to your personal account on your favorite resources. You can be sure of the reliability and legitimacy of almost any more or less popular firms. Do you want to save yourself from unnecessary thoughts? Use the list of the best companies from the MaaTV team. Our analysts spent not one hour near the computers, but they made sure each of the bookmakers presented is legal and had all the necessary permits!

Secondly, you have the opportunity to receive support from the state in case of troubles or disputes with a company providing facilities. Since every adequate agency is required to obtain a license from the Government of India, it also falls under the laws in force in the country. And it means any problem of a legal nature can be resolved through the courts. It is highly unlikely that a multi-million dollar bookie would want to steal your cash. In the end, reputation is important to them. Nevertheless, in case of unforeseen circumstances, you have reliable support in the form of the law and your state!

For India, mutual understanding with bookmakers also brings many benefits. The state has legal levers of pressure on the offices. In addition, now they are required to pay taxes, which amount to millions of dollars. Everyone is in profit, it pleases!

Best Online Cricket Betting Sites

The MaaTV team loves its users and wishes them an exceptionally positive gambling experience. As you are able to already understand, the foundation of this is a competent choice of a bookie. Only the leading agencies guarantee security and good rewards. Therefore, our analysts have prepared for you the top 10 online cricket betting sites in India.

These services have already earned their reputation as reliable and respectable companies. The selection process turned out to be rather complicated, due to the variety of important criteria. However, here are the top 10 bookies which guarantee the greatest odds, the widest variety of money lines, the largest number of customer gifts, and, of course, the variety of supported payment systems! So let’s get started!

      Parimatch Review

Parimatch is the largest agency from Eastern Europe. The team began its journey back in the 1990s in Ukraine, and over time it conquered more and more new heights. Respectability is added by the fact that 30 years ago the company had physical points of presence in large cities of Ukraine. It means that the guys from Parimatch have a lot of experience.
At the moment, the agency has a large portfolio in the form of a million registered users!

For citizens of India, there are permanent welcome tips in the form of 150% of the volume of the initial installment. And of course, their website has links to download beautifully crafted mobile apps for Android and iPhone!

Melbet Review

Melbet is one of the clear favorites among Indian online wagering pages. The features of the Melbet apps and website have already been evaluated by several million users, and thousands of positive reviews are another confirmation. Here are pleasant surprises for the residents of India in the form of an extended money line. On their online resource, you are going to find almost everything, even the smallest sports leagues.

The welcome gifts are also huge and reach Rs 20,000 on your first installment. Want to focus on cricket? Melbet is a great option for you!

1xBet Review

1xBet is an international company with a good reputation and an excellent track record. Relatively recently, the agency began to provide its services to the citizens of India, where it instantly received hundreds of positive reviews. It should be noted that the company is younger than its previous competitors. However, the team is constantly working to improve its services.

One of the obvious advantages of the bookmaker is a large first bonus, which reaches 10,000 INR upon the first payment. Also, a lot of users praise mobile applications for iPhone and Android. Customers like the design of the site and applications, as well as the wide range of rates and the speed of services.

1Win Review

1Win entered the global market only in 2016, which makes the product quite fresh, but still not the youngest on the list. The agency has a license to operate in Curacao, an international hub for such companies. It makes the company’s activity absolutely legal and safe for users from all over the world. Therefore, you ought not to worry about the safety of your funds.

A wide line of bets deserves special attention, which offers users a variety of sports, ranging from everyone’s favorite cricket to football, basketball, and others. Also, clients are always pleasantly surprised by the size of the welcome tip, which reaches 500% of the earliest installment quantity! In general, 1Win clearly deserves your attention!

Betway Review

Betway rightfully occupies a place in the top “oldies” of the international gambling business with its unsurpassed reputation and meticulousness in the execution of trifles. The company has several licenses at once, including on the island of Malta and in the UK. The Betway app, unfortunately, is currently only available for Android owners, but the company promises to fix it soon.

In addition, it has a welcome bonus of up to Rs 10,000 for new customers and major and non-major tournaments are represented in the cash line. You may also find IPL bets here, which surely delight avid fans!

4Rabet Review

4Rabet is good in everything. They have a gaming activities license in Curacao, that is, actions performed on the site are completely legal. The business also provides a good product for owners of smartphones with different operating systems.

Their welcome presents are also attractive, amounting to 130% of the earliest payment. And in the money line, you are able to easily find a dozen sports and many types of bets for each of them. As for cricket, everything is fine here too. Users easily manage to find major tournaments, as well as individual bets on popular athletes!

Paripesa Review

Paripesa is the perfect active gambler choice who is interested in daily work in order to earn a fortune, as the team offers clients over a thousand daily events. That’s a lot, and what’s even more amazing is that Paripesa has achieved this in less than two years on the market. The product is licensed from Curacao, so you don’t have to worry about the legality of your actions, everything is absolutely transparent.

The Paripesa mobile application deserves special attention, which receives dozens of positive reviews each day. The present goes up to INR 8,500, which means you don’t have to worry about your installment right from the start. Sports fans also get their own because the site has the ability to bet on major and minor tournaments!

Indibet Review

Indibet has been surprising its fans since the year 2020. In this short period of time, the development squad has managed to create a solid base of regular users, who have access to more than 1000 sports events each day.

If you decide to register on the site of the company, you receive many wonderful gifts. Firstly, support a variety of depositing and withdrawing cash from your trading account methods, including such as Internet wallets, bank cards, and others. And of course, a bonus, which reaches 100% of the quantity of the initial payment!

Linebet Review

Linebet in just three years has become one of the main providers of gambling agencies throughout India. The platform specializes specifically in the subcontinent market, providing citizens of the country with multiple bonuses and benefits. Of course, we are talking about a wide range of bets, which includes hundreds of games a day, as well as an emphasis on cricket and its tournaments, including the Indian Premier League.

Welcome bonuses reach up to 100% of the payment, but not more than 10,000 INR. That is, if your payment is in the volume of ten thousand, then you additionally receive the same quantity for placing bets. The legality of the office is confirmed by the international license of Curacao, so there are no problems with the legal side of the issue. In addition, users positively evaluate the mobile application of the company!

Rajbet Review

Rajbet is a native Indian bookie, which has already gained about 150,000 loyal customers in a few years of its existence. If you are an Indian citizen, you get many benefits often not available to residents of other countries. Foremost, it includes a welcome bonus of 200% on the initial installment. However, the upper limit of the gift is one hundred thousand INR, which makes it the largest bonus of all named!

It is also worth noting the product is available as a mobile application, but only on smartphones with the Android operating system. The firm is also working on creating a product for the iPhone, but at the moment, the owner of Apple smartphones needs to use the web version!

How to IPL Win Cricket Betting

The most popular tournament in India is the Indian Premier League. Every season, ten of the finest squads compete for the title of champion at stadiums across the country. For almost three months, a fierce confrontation has been going on, which attracts hundreds of thousands of loyal fans to TV screens. At this time, no fewer people are sitting on the websites of their bookmakers and trying to guess what the result of the next contest is going to be. Let’s find out how you too should gamble on the IPL!

The popularity of IPL is undeniable. A large sum of cash and information support is involved in the organization and preparation of the tournament. Literally, every news channel strives to cover each current event, and businessmen compete for the right to become a sponsor. You may earn on the IPL without participating in matches at all, by becoming a gambler and correctly determining the outcome of the upcoming events.

Doing IPL online betting is possible with any bookie available to you. As already said, everyone wants to join the section of such a juicy pie. Look at the list compiled by the MaaTV team. There you may see the best firm, the reliability of which should not be doubted. For each of them, you may get a separate wagering section dedicated to the upcoming IPL.

The structure of transactions itself is no different from ordinary games. Online IPL betting allows you to bet in real-time on each event or select conservative deals for upcoming contests.

In 2023, the potential profit from IPL wagering is even higher. Now the organizers promise to increase the number of sides and, accordingly, the number of contests. In addition, the prize money also increased significantly. You may count on increased odds and increased wagering limits for the period of the new season. It directly affects your profit in a positive way.
There are many recommendations for better gambling during the IPL, but the basics remain the same. Conduct a thorough analysis before each tournament, consider the risks, and be mindful of your emotional health. Browse other materials on the MaaTV website and get better every day!

Brilliant IPL Betting Sites

Online IPL wagering is a great way to make a fortune. And we are talking not only about gamblers, but also about agencies. They love big tournament seasons. On such days, the number of customers increases exponentially, as does the sum of funds they spend. Therefore, be sure, literally, each company tries to provide you with the opportunity to wage on the Indian Premier League.

To make a more informed choice, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the full list of bookmakers. Our squad has prepared it according to every possible parameter, including the visibility of bets on IPL. But in short, here is a list of the main sites where you are guaranteed to find money lines for the biggest tournament in India:

  • Parimatch;
  • Leon Bet;
  • Betway;
  • 1Win;
  • Melbet;
  • Bet365;
  • Betmaster;
  • Dafabet;
  • Mostbet;
  • Helabet!

These offices have been tested and proved the quality of the services provided. They are distinguished by the presence of thousands of positive reviews and years of continuous work!

Betting is also available to mobile device users. If you like to engage in gambling while working or while walking, install yourself a trading terminal on your phone. It saves you a lot of time and nerves. In the end, it is better a lot to engage in IPL betting online with the help of a special application and not a poorly functioning site.

So, the list of bookies with their own application, in which bets on the main championship are available, also surprises with its variety. Meet our heroes:

  • Parimatch;
  • Leon Bet;
  • Betway;
  • 1Win;
  • Pure Win;
  • Helabet;
  • Melbet;
  • Spin Sports;
  • Betmaster;
  • Casumo !

Be sure to join thousands of regular customers of these services and start earning today!

How to Bet on Cricket Online?

Wagering on cricket online is profitable and easy. Nevertheless, it should be understood that this is also a kind of work that requires concentration, some knowledge, and the right tools from you.

With bookmakers, your main workspace, everything is already clear. You must certainly not become a victim of fraud or negligence on the part of service employees if you choose your firm from the lists on the MaaTV website. Rest assured that nothing bad happens to your funds! Now let’s deal with the process of making cash. Below you may find a list of free online wagering tips!



So, how to make your earliest winning bet:

  • Log in to your personal account on the bookmaker’s website. Thus, you have access to a wide range of money lines and analytical materials to help you make the right choice. In addition, your personal account is an important component of your security!
  • Choose the type of deal that suits you. Bets may be of different types, ranging from those which take place in real-time to those that relate to tournaments in a couple of months. Here are no tips here because each player independently chooses what he likes. But first, try to pay attention to the games that take place in the coming days. Thus, you are immediately savvier, because at least the MaaTV website already has a review that may help you make the right decision!
  • Do your own analysis. Some people treat gambling lightly, taking every deal on faith and instinct. Needless to say, their earnings leave a lot to be desired. Don’t follow their lead, be better than them, and you’ll get a big handicap that ought easily to be converted into cash. The logic here is simple, every play and coefficient is a struggle between two opposing opinions, and the one who knows more and sees further gets the profit. It helps you with qualitative and reasoned analysis. Foremost, try to pay attention to the odds of the contest. So you may know what mood prevails among the crowd and understand, even without deepening, which side has a better chance of winning. The lower the odds, the greater the chance of winning. Perfect as an opening test!
  • Invest your money. After you have chosen an event that suits you with good odds, you start making a deal. You need to calculate the number of funds that you invest in the play. It is very easy to do this, you just divide your payment by some number, for example, ten. It means you have ten attempts before you completely lose your deposit and may not be able to return it. Fortunately, if you do everything right and do not go along with your emotions, then it is simply not possible. So, we have chosen a contest, and calculated the sum – now it remains only to confirm your decision, and everything is ready!
  • Wait until the end of the event. The most difficult thing in gambling is, perhaps, the expectation of the results of your transactions. Emotions are constantly whipping over the edge and do not allow you to do other things. Your task is to take everything happening easier, a lot. Before entering a trade, you must understand you can lose some volume of money. Be confident in yourself and your analysis of the situation, then there should be fewer emotions, and the loss must be considered from the technical side, not the emotional one. Of course, you have an opportunity to watch the event live, but if you don’t want to get emotional burnout, it’s better to do it as carefully as possible!
  • Get your profit. Congratulations! You have just done everything you need to get your initial win and earn your first money on gambling. It deserves respect, but your task is not yet finished. Now you need to secure your investments and withdraw them to your wallet. Use any payment gateway convenient for you. We are talking about Internet wallets, cryptocurrency wallets, or ordinary bank accounts. Agree, getting money thanks to your knowledge and skills is adorable!

Now you have a basic understanding of what the gambling process looks like in theory, from the earliest to the last step. Ready? Let’s get started!

Cricket Betting Odds

Before proceeding directly to making cash on bets, you need to understand each aspect. One of the main ones is different variations of coefficients.

In the thousands of years since the appearance of the original hippodrome of the Roman Empire, almost every country has come up with its own method of calculating coefficients. But only three of them have survived to this day and have spread throughout the globe.

Let’s take a look at them!

European Type of Odd

The European type is also often referred to simply as a decimal. It is what you most often see when playing cricket on the sites of Indian bookmakers. This type of transaction looks like a decimal fraction with an “x” prefix in front of it.

Let’s imagine the odds of team A winning is “x3.3”.

How to calculate your potential profit in such a format? Very simple. You just need to multiply the sum of your bet by the specified fraction. Let’s say you put in your $100 and win. It means $330 be returned to you back. Everything is very simple!

British Type of Odd

The British type of wagering, or fractional bets, also comes from Europe. Reading them is already a little more difficult, but they are also less common. They have the form of a regular fraction, for example: “10/5”.

How to calculate profit? To do this, you need to take the quantity of your transaction, divide it by the right number and then multiply by the left. Let’s say, with a coefficient of 10/5 and a sum of one hundred dollars, you receive 100:5=20 and 20*10=200 dollars. In this case, we are talking about net profit, so, your 100 dollars also returned to you along with 200 dollars of profit!

American Type of Odd

The inhabitants of the Americas, as always, stand out in their resourcefulness. Their betting odds have a slightly different look and logic. They look like a number that ought to be preceded by a minus sign or a plus sign.

How manage you calculate the potential winnings? To do this, you need to understand what the signs in front of the number mean. If you see such a picture as “+300”, it means thanks to 100 of your invested dollars, you receive 300 dollars of net profit. Conversely, if you see “-300”, it means you need to invest 300 dollars to get a 100-dollar profit. Pretty easy once you figure it out!

Most Popular Online Cricket Betting Formats

Cricket gambling is not much different from other sports in terms of the current money line. There is a certain stable list of features that are available from most bookmakers. They are aimed at different outcomes and generally refer to different moments of the game. In total, there are about seven more or less constant types of sports bets. Let’s see what they are!

The Winner of the Event

The most common position on the site of each service. Wagering on the winner of a game is the easiest process to understand. Your task is simply to guess which side may score more points than the other and get paid for it. In addition, if you are sure the event should end in a draw, you also have an opportunity to make such a deal.

The King of the Toss

The draw winner is a very fun kind of deal. This activity should not be taken seriously, since its essence is to guess which side wins in a coin toss before the tournament. Agree, the chance is 50/50, so it’s clearly not possible to consistently earn a fortune.

The Best Batsman

After the match, the extra squads collect information about each player on the field. In particular, they determine the finest players in different positions in the team. The only thing you have to do is check the stats of potential best batsmen and decide who is going to win the award this time.

Most Wanted Player

Man of the Match is an honorary title desired by each athlete. It emphasizes, in the event, that it was you who was on top, so it is not surprising many gamblers argue about who is going to be the jewel in the crown. You also have an opportunity to join this because it is relatively easy to make a choice. You just need to look at the statistics of the past matches and come to some conclusion. And the odds pleasantly surprise you!

Greatest Score Player

This type of deal obliges you to choose the player who has earned the most points in the particular game. Here the system is very similar to the previous ones. You, using information from open sources, should understand which player has the greatest chance of earning the most points in this match.

Total More/Less

Total wagering is a favorite pastime of most gamblers. They are risky, unexpected, but very tasty in terms of potential profit. How to understand them? Conventionally, your bookmaker has assumed the total number of runs in this match is going to be no more than twenty. Your task, after analyzing the information, is to agree with him or refute his words. At the same time, the odds for this type of gambling always go off the scale!

The Tournament Winner

Bets may also be placed on entire tournaments and not on individual matches. If you are confident a particular squad wins the tournament, you have an opportunity to safely place a bet on it, even before the start of the competition. Of course, given the variety of sides, it may be problematic. But, as practice shows, if you understand every initial data piece well, the result may be obvious.

What is Live Cricket Betting?

Real-time wagering is a special type of transaction that is not available at all firms. Nevertheless, this is an excellent and, most importantly, very profitable way to make cash quickly. But this approach requires two things: strong analytical skills and quick response. So, what is online live wagering?

You have an opportunity to enter deals even before the start of the event, this is the standard “mode”. But, if you were late and did not have time to enter the deal, or decided to test your abilities, then you are able to also place bets during the match. This method has several features. Firstly, the odds for different outcomes change literally every second, and, at times, it is very difficult to keep track of them. And it means as soon as you find some kind of opportunity, you can’t hesitate, you should immediately go to the site and place a bet. Secondly, live wagering requires much more knowledge, because there is not much time for reflection. So think twice before doing this kind of business. Remember, live betting carries an increased risk.

However, the MaaTV squad is constantly monitoring the current conditions of different bookmakers and notifying you of changes in the availability of bets in live mode on a particular site!

Try Online Cricket Betting with MaaTV Today!

Cricket betting can replace your job and hobby at the same time. This is an incredibly profitable business, the benefits of which are already known to tens of thousands of people around the world. There are also examples of individual gamblers in Bharat who have reached the highest level of professionalism.

They effortlessly earn thousands of dollars in one match and live for their own pleasure. The best part is the wagering’s reliability and durability. This type of earnings will not disappear in a year, ten or even a hundred.


Are you ready to join the MaaTV team and get paid out of thin air? Then let’s start your journey today!