There are many popular sports in India, one of which is cricket. A significant role in the popularity of the sport in 1983 was played by the fact that one of the main rivals of the national team is invariably the Pakistani team.  After the collapse of the British Empire, India and Pakistan fought each other more than once. The translation of this political rivalry to the sports ground is of constant interest to the fans of both countries. Perhaps such a confrontation does not always look benevolent, but certainly better than real fights.

The main official governing body in professional competitions is the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). The council is responsible for holding all domestic matches, selection, and qualification of players in the national team. Competitions are held both between men’s and women’s teams.

The Twenty20 tournament which is the Indian Premier League covers various city franchises competing in a style similar to club football. Such a tournament has been given the title of one of the greatest sports leagues and the biggest cricket league in the world. Achievements include making the Indian cricket team one of the most victorious teams in the world. In 2023, the World Cup will be held in India.

Famous players are very famous in their homeland and are considered influential figures. This particular activity is an important part of culture because the passion for it starts with the game in the yard and grows into a love of it as a fan or directly as a professional player. These days, it is profitable not only to watch your favorite sport but also to make money from it. The rates sphere allows you to do this simultaneously. Every year, this area is replenished with new supporters. It is quite popular in India. Since each country has its own legislation regarding sports rates, it is worth taking into account its peculiarities and not violating the current laws of the state.

During colonial rule, the British issued a law banning gambling — Public Gambling Act 1867. Law prohibited Indian citizens from using, participating in, or owning casinos, gambling establishments, and bookmakers. Due to the absence of the Internet as such at the time the text of the Public Gambling Act of 1867 was published, it does not contain any mention of online activities. There was no ban on organizing and participating in online bookmaking activities. Therefore, many people began to switch from illegal physical betting to online.

Bookmaking activity began to appear on the territory of the country in 2007 when access to the Internet increased. Also, the demand for this industry increased due to the emergence of low-cost mobile devices with access to the network.

A major problem become the existence of a large illegal market, which, according to a report by the International Center for Sports Security (ICSS), exceeded US$130 billion. The authority wanted to officially attract these funds to its budget. India’s 1950 constitution states that each state has the right to make its own gambling and online rates laws independently of each other. Therefore, since 2009, more and more areas of the country have started to allow certain casinos and even special gambling competitions.

When states began to amend their laws, they did not avoid the topic of cricket betting. Physical rates in sports are still banned in the state. And even some state laws have banned activity like this. They are prohibited in Utter Pradesh, Andhra, Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu. Betting in these states and violating the law of that area, a person can be fined 500 rupees or even imprisoned for a short term.

But most states stop prohibiting the organization and participation in online bookmaking activities. Such states are Goa, Daman, Sikkim, Diu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Nagaland. Sikkim was the first state to allow some form of activity like that. In 2009, foreign online platforms which adhere to rules and regulations and have a license are allowed in local legislation. Betting has become especially popular here, with a lot of attention paid to the Indian Premier League.

Bookmaking activities through the sites are legal and not prohibited with a valid license. Bookmakers cannot be registered in India. However, if the platform originates abroad or is based offshore and operates as a website or an application for an electronic device, it will not be covered by the legislation. If an online bookmaker is run by Indian citizens, it violates gambling restrictions.

But when a foreigner is the owner of a representative office and simply serves customers, then the situation is completely within the framework of the established legislation. Such bookmakers may offer deposits and payouts in rupees and are available in Indian languages ​​such as Hindi, Bengali, and Gujarati (to name a few).
So generally online betting is not banned in the country. Indians can legally use foreign bookmakers, watch live matches, and register and rate cricket and other sports.


Legal cricket betting apps in India

The secret to the popularity of such applications is quite simple. Given that physical bets are prohibited and the opportunity to follow the match through a computer every time is not available to all fans. Therefore, bettors are looking for other connection opportunities.

The easiest solution is to use an application on a smartphone. The country has a good internet system, so it is very convenient. Wi-Fi is available in most offices, shopping centers, restaurants, and shops. And a large selection of reliable websites for online bets makes the process even easier.

To serve their customers more effectively, betting sites in the state are available as apps. They are much more convenient to use because the interface is plain and clear for the client. It is possible to log in through fingerprint scanning or face recognition. This incidentally makes registration and login safer and faster.

Having a custom app usually gives you access to many special opportunities that an ordinary site might not have. Push notifications, interactivity, quick deposit options, 24/7 personal support, and other improvements.

Some bookmakers replace live broadcasts with 3D animation or show game results. But in most apps, live streaming of games prevails for visitors to monitor changes in their bets during the matches.

It’s very simple to start using the application, first, you need to download and install it. Due to limited access in certain areas of the state, it may be difficult to download the app directly from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Therefore, it is better to download the desired app directly from the site itself.
After downloading and installing your desired application of this kind, the following action is to register and top up your account with funds. Authentication of your account can vary significantly between different Indian apps, but it’s usually a clear ordinary action. The registration process in the application is similar to registration on the bookmaker’s website.

Here is the general information you need to provide during the registration procedure for the account as a player through the program:

  1. Personal data: name, address, country of residence, contact details, bank details;
  2. Account information: email address, username, password, preferred language, payment method, currency;
  3. Financial data: sport preferences and responsible play limits.

By knowing how to betting, you would be ready to place rates on any match or format. To start participating in rates, it is required to have some deposit funds on your account. Or there is a possibility to use bonuses for beginners on some apps. To top up the account, select the “Checkout” section, choose “Deposit” and by the desired payment method make a contribution.

Most apps have the most popular secure payment options:

  • Bank cards
  • Electronic wallets
  • Bank transfer
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Electronic vouchers


Best legal cricket betting sites in India

One of the conditions for being allowed to operate a bookmaker online in India is the presence of an appropriate license. They are usually listed in the footer of the site, and they are important because they guarantee fair bets and reliable payouts. Licenses also ensure the responsibility of the bookmaker for the security of your confidential data.

Placing on bookmaker sites that are outside the scope of Indian legislation, you can come across fraudsters. Offices are unreliable, they can use your data and use your personal information for their own interests. Only bet sites that are licensed by a reputable government agency are safe to use.

The UKGC, the MGA, and eGaming Curaçao are considered to be the main reliable guarantors of reliability. They are internationally recognized authorities in the field of online gambling. Sites issued with licenses are constantly checked for the safety and honesty of payments to customers.

When using the sites, you should remember that there is no reliable way to predict the team’s victory in the match. To make a better profit, you need to know the game well, be able to analyze it, and draw conclusions from the unsuccessful games of the team.

Sites often provide useful information such as odds, team or player activity, and their achievements. Do not neglect them.
Another advantage of using sites is the presence of bonuses. Bonuses are available on a permanent basis, for some achievements, for registration or just promotional offers. You usually get a deposit bonus only once, so choose the most profitable offers. In order to get a significant bonus, you can deposit as much as possible on the first try and then gradually place the received shelters. However, be careful, being inexperienced and under the power of excitement, you can immediately spend all your savings. Do it wisely and on trusted online websites.

Here is a list of the best betting sites:



  • great user interface;
  • secure payment options;
  • fast app loading;
  • generous promotions;
  • quick accrual of bonuses!


  • various depositing and withdrawal options;
  • quick withdrawals;
  • major competitions available;
  • live tournaments!


Welcome bonus;


well-designed interface;

player support service 24/7!



  • generous bonus;
  • fast withdrawals, less than 3 hours;
  • low battery consumption!


  • variety of options of sport;
  • popular live battles;
  • a variety of international sporting events!


  • provides excellent odds;
  • many sports markets;
  • bonuses and promotional offers!


  • user-friendly app;
  • fast withdrawals!

Royal Panda

  • loyal to winning players: there is no ban on strategies;
  • withdraw money without verification;
  • large welcome bonus!


  • possibility of anonymous gaming!

It should be noted that there is a very convenient site called RichPrize, but it hasn’t got yet the license. It is worth paying attention to because it has a great number of advantages like quick convenient payment methods.

Online cricket betting legal in India

In many countries, cricket is the second most popular sport after football. Nowadays, more people than ever before are looking to bet on matches. In the country, one of the most known ways of gambling today is the rate of this specific sport.
In the country, more than 140 million people place bets regularly. And during major sports events (IPL), the number increases even more. About 80% of them are in cricket matches. The annual turnover of the legal rates industry is only about $3 billion.

Fans place money on the results of various matches using websites and platforms. Platforms are based on a special system, so players choose how much they are willing to deposit before the match starts. Once all choices have been made, the platform uses an automated algorithm to determine the outcome and then pays out or collects winning bets accordingly.

Things you should know before placing cricket bets in India

Before technological advancement, people used to visit bookies and place bets while watching the game. Now, the process is fast, easy, and accessible to everyone, because you can use just a smartphone or laptop. Bets can be made anywhere with internet access. Fans don’t have to worry about non-payment of winnings or fraud. Digital transactions are secure and timely.
Betting platforms provide a various selection of game-related rates. All options are available on the rates page. To make a bet, you need to choose the one you like and which seems the most promising.

  • You may choose which team will win or if there will be a draw or if the game will end today. This is called a match bet.
  • There are also pick on the best players such as the best batsman and the best player of the match.
  • It is possible to choose whether a team will score more or less than the predicted score.

Cricket events worth betting on

Competitions can be held in various formats, both tournaments, and events by taking place throughout the year.
The most popular event to watch is the Premier Cricket League — T20. It consists of eight teams from cities and states in India and has a schedule of 14 games that takes place between March and May every year. Each year, 14 games are played. Eight selected teams from different cities and states compete against each other. Due to the short duration of the matches and the clear style of play, it is the best choice for fans who are just starting to get to know such a type of entertainment.

One-day international competitions are intended for the battle of the best representatives from different countries of the world. They are also called ODIs. Competitions are played in just two serves, with each side having only one serve.

The difference is only in availability, but the maximum number of overs, which varies from 20 to 50. Such games might last more than eight hours. This is a suitable format for fans looking to bet on matches between international rivals.
While T20 and ODI competitions is gaining momentum, seasoned fans and bettors may become familiar with Test cricket, which is considered to be the purest form of the sport. It is a multi-day version of this activity.

The Test consists of four innings and several overs. Competitions take many days. Both sides bat twice per match. The visiting field and bowling are done for 90 overs a day or until the batting team are out.

Tips for a more efficient online bidding process

Yes, in a certain way winning on bets depends on luck. However, you can increase your chances of winning.
A general understanding of the game is essential. It is worth orienting yourself in the players, their special techniques, and methods of play. It is also necessary to pay attention to the career of the players in the team, their results, and achievements in this sport. Analysis of past results will give insight or even the ability to predict the course of the game.

An important point is to take into account the conditions of the match. Local teams, because they trained on the same field where the competition is held, usually play more skillfully. Weather conditions, which can change, also play a key role. They may turn into an obstacle, for example, rain or the strong sun will significantly affect the outcome of the game. Having made such a mini-analysis, it is easier to predict which team can win.

But the main rule is to make smart stacks. Don’t spend more than you have. Many platforms offer bonuses to beginners. Sometimes you may even get a cashback. That is, bets will make minimal costs, but little by little they will make a big profit. Beginners should make big deposits only if they are 100% sure. When you do not have enough experience, it is better to start with a small one. Having gained experience, the player will be able to better analyze options and take risks without the option of losing or going bankrupt.

Building your course of action. A lot of professional players have created a master plan to increase the odds of winning a pair. The more time and effort invested in its creation, the more efficiently it works.

You should start by choosing the part of the market which has good value. To do so, you need to conduct a certain analysis. By researching the market, you find more successful and promising areas. You can try to bet on them. This is a certain guarantee that victory will be on your side. However, you should not focus only on such rates. By trying to put on other still neutral areas, there is an opportunity to become the first discoverer of gold and get big profits.

Hope you find this information about the legality of online betting in India useful!