Who are the Adelaide Strikers in BBL 2023?

Like most teams in the BBL, the Adelaide Strikers started their history in 2011. Two men’s and women’s cricket teams play under this name. The traditional color of the squad is blue, which is the color of the players’ uniforms. Experts rated the squad as one of the most extraordinary in 2017-2018.

The brief story of Adelaide Strikers

Like most of the squad, they were formed by reformatting the Australian cricket league and it represents the city of Adelaide.

They play at a local stadium called the Oval and are a favorite of the city’s residents and fans. After the bbl victory in the year 2017-2018, mass festivities were organized in the city in honor of the team’s victory.

Adelaide Strikers in BBL

During all the years of participation in the Big Bash League, they had their ups and downs. It did not start its journey in the league very well in its 1st year and took sixth place in the overall ranking and could not make it to the finals. Similar failures befell them in the next two years when they failed to qualify to the finals and took 5th and 7th places in the ranking table, respectively.

The 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons were extremely breakthroughs. For two consecutive years, the squad was able to qualify for the final games of the season and took first place in the Big Bash League according to annual results. In 2016-2017, the squad could not maintain its leadership position and did not qualify for the final games, and took 6th place in the rating tables.

The situation completely changed in the following season of 2017-18 when the team managed to win the championship title in the final and is second in the number of points scored in the Big Bash League. The championship title did not give the squad the desired stability in performance, and the next season the squad could not qualify for the finals and finished the year in seventh place in the ranking.

In the following three seasons, they finished the year in the top five teams. In 2019-2020, they took third place in the year 2020-2021 5th and in the last year 2021/2022, 4th. For them, 3 seasons before the fall, they were knocked out by their stronger rivals to make it to the finals together.

Adelaide Strikers’ performance in the 2021-2022 season

According to the results of last year’s season, they took fourth place in the overall rating, but could not reach the final games. In total, the squad took part in 14 matches, 8 of which ended in favor of the Adelaide Striker. The most successful match of the squad was the match against Brisbane Hit in which Adelaide won with an advantage of 71 runs.

The team’s heaviest defeat was inflicted by the Perth Scorchers, who defeated Adelaide with an advantage of 49 runs. The outcomes of all matches:

STAGE  Adelaide Strikers vs WINNERS
3 Melbourne Renegades Mel. Ren. ( by 2 runs)
6 Melbourne Renegades Adel. Strik. 9 by 49 runs)
9 Perth Scorchers  Perth Scor. (by 49 runs)
16 Sydney Sixers  Syd. Six. ( by 4 wickets)
18 Adelaide Strik. Brisbane Heat (by 39 runs)
22 Hobart Hurricanes  Hob. Hur. (by 7 wickets)
28 Sydney Thunder Syd. Thun. (by 22 runs)
32 Sydney Thunder Syd. Thun. (by 28 runs)
35 Hobart Hurricanes Adel. Strik. ( by 7 wickets)
39 Melbourne Stars Mel. Stars (by 5 wickets)


43 Melbourne Stars  Adel. Strik. ( by 23 runs)
46 Brisbane Heat  Adel. Strik. (by 71 runs)
49 Perth Scorchers Adel Strik.  (by 6 wickets)
53 Sydney Sixers Adel. Strik. ( by 8 wickets)


Adelaide Strikers players and team members

As of today it consists of 23 players. In addition to players from Australia, the team also includes foreign players from Afghanistan, England, North Africa, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, the Netherlands, and New Zealand. The current Capitan is Peter Siddle and the position of head coach is occupied by Jason Gillespie.

Among the outstanding legionnaires who played in this team, it is important to mention Rashid Khan. This player hailing from Afghanistan is claiming the title of the best foreign player in the League and has been participating in it since 2017 and has played in the Strikers for 4 consecutive years.

Takes 7th place in the rating within the bbl by the number of wickets received. He also has a historic moment with a hat-trick in a match against Sidney sixers as a bowler. He also performed quite well with the bat, especially in the New Year’s match against Sydney Thunder.

English player Phil Salt, although he played in Strikers for only two seasons, he left a memorable mark in history. He showed his best form in 2019-2020 when three of his 5 innings reached their goal and helped the team reach the final.

A player from South Africa named Colin Ingram received the nickname “Bulldozer” from fans. He started playing in the Strikers in 2017-2018, which was incredibly successful for a debutant. In more than two years, he scored more than 600 runs during matches. He even visited as the captain of the lineup.

What are the pros and cons of Adelaide Strikers?

Before moving on to the results of the team’s chances of winning this season, it is necessary to talk about its weaknesses and strengths. If we start with advantages, it is worth noting that the squad has the same composition as in the previous season. This is an advantage because they are more experienced, know more combinations, and have a better command of the game.

It still has a powerful batting duo that played last year. In addition, it has good runners who showed high results in previous years. Rashid Khan, Wes Agar, and Peter Siddle played key roles in the starting line-up with the ball and we hope they will continue to do so in the new year.

The squad has serious problems associated with the lack of strong batsmen. Players who left them last year like Phil Salt created a hole in the adjustment of the squad game, which the management could not close. It was he who last year showed the best number of runs, most of which are unattainable for those players who remained in the squad.

Such kind of situation makes them dependent on several star players with the transfer of which there were significant gaps in the attack. And all this together is superimposed on a not very stable history of performances in the league. Therefore, pundits remain uncertain in their predictions about the team’s chances of success this year.

How to bet on Adelaide Strikers?

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What are the types of bets on Adelaide Strikers?

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Can Adelaide Strikers win BBL in 2023?

The Strikers are one of the most experienced and successful teams in the entire league. Even despite the not very stable performance history, one victory and several appearances in the finals make them quite strong opponents. Last year they finished in the top five and this gives a good start to the new year.

If they can solve the issue with missing players and distribute the responsibility among other members of the squad they can have better results than in the previous year. You should not expect a miracle of winning the Big Bash League.