Today Maa TV is not just an ordinary sporting website, where lots of typical tips are given, we are about the independent golf rating of high quality. Providing information for tournaments, golfers and various bookmakers is a big responsibility, so we take into consideration the necessity to write seriously. Collecting and describing any companies that come across and giving them a situational assessment is not about Maa TV. We are one of the best in the industry, because of our sincere love for what we do and therefore each of the squad gives himself completely to work.

What is the goal of the project?

The main goal of our project is to provide gamblers from all over the country with a high-quality review of various bookmakers based on the analysis of their offers, advantages and disadvantages, variety of bets, terms of use (its simplicity), and others. We also share the observations of the most popular golf tournaments in the world, striving to watch them as comprehensively as possible from different angles and share the results with capers.

What is the target of the project?

Our target is more pragmatic and applicable to the development of the brainchild. We are ready to make enormous efforts to reach the mark of more than two thousand regular users and site visitors. Increasing the number of gamblers who listen to the tips given will mean that we are moving right and doing all things well. The main way is not to give up and not to reduce the quality of work, which will definitely not happen.

What is the vision of the project?

The Maa TV is a mixture of useful site with tips that can and should be used to achieve success in golf betting and the whole soulful community of like-minded people who are in love with this sport. Understanding each other is very important, so our working approach is humane and sincere, it’s like giving advice to one of your friends. No unnecessary chatting, it is crucial to be able to convey your opinion clearly on the topic, but not using only dry facts.

Why should you pay attention to us?

Of course, there are many similar sites on the gambling market, Maa TV is special. In addition to the approaches to a working process described above and the fundamental goal, a distinctive feature of the quality of our work is a simple and intuitive website.

Trying to create something complex without advertising banners is not about us. To better perceive information and then use it effectively, you need to clearly understand where to get it. Navigation on the site is simple and convenient, you can find everything you are searching for intuitively.

Also, the colors applied to encourage you to consider key aspects, highlight something essential and definitely not miss it in the flow of stats. And if you want to go from one page to another – do not worry, frequently you may find transitions right in the text itself.

Pros and cons to listen to our opinion

Let’s try to write out the reasons to start using the site with a well-proven SWOT analysis method, where it becomes clear why to watch for updates from the project founders. So let’s figure it out step by step.


Of course, the strong point is the gambler-friendly interface and minimalistic design, but in addition to the visual component, we are talking, first of all, about the professionalism of the team. Each of the editors is head over heels in love with golf, so each recommendation is full of warmth and scrupulously soft. In any business, it is important to be interested in what you are doing. Then the results are pleasing. We guarantee the practicality of written reviews and articles because we clearly understand why we are doing this.


The opportunities offered to our readers are wide. Firstly, it may be successful betting and the ability to earn money on your interest. The project is not involved in promoting anyone’s interests, we are in favor of objectivity and sobriety of the review. If a certain bookmaker has shortcomings, don’t worry, you will learn about them from the articles. Making a lot of money on golf bets is possible, but risky. Therefore, each of us warns you against rash actions. It is better to reread the review of a particular tournament or company several times, and only then make a decision.


Every idea, like a person, has weaknesses. Sometimes a lack of staff and lack of time may be stated. We are so busy working that sometimes there are not enough hours in the day to analyze and describe everything! In this case, this problem is solved — a little more rest and delegation of responsibilities will soon come in handy!


Among the threats that exist for readers, there is one insurmountable one — the threat to get carried away with articles and spending a lot of time on the site. Of course, we are joking, because it is believed that humor is the best companion of successful and confident fellows. The team’s work is 100 percent well-established, so there is no reason to worry.

Secret plans to conquer the world

We do not plan to stop there, so among the main tasks for the future are to expand the website’s theme, delve into the topic, increase the number of professionals in the crew, and many more secret surprises that we prefer to keep quiet for now. Quality is always equal to conscientious work, so we are not going to deviate from the goals and be idle. It is also valuable to receive feedback from each of you, to help each applicant with minimal tips, which is why we keep on going to do what we do.