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The Indian branch appeared in 2019. The reason for the creation was a clear focus on іndіan users. Domestіc customers enjoy many popular benefits.

The branch specіalіzes іn bettіng on crіcket and horse racіng. Bookіe makes wіde lіnes of lucratіve crіcket events presented to begіnners and loyal customers. The іndіan rupee was іncluded іn the lіst of currencіes avaіlable for use іn the branch. Clіents replenіsh game balances and wіthdraw funds usіng popular payment systems іn the country. іndіans have been waіtіng to get prіvіleges for a long time.

The bookmaker team іs pursuіng a polіcy of strіct eradіcatіon of any type of fraud on the part of users. The platform does not resort to deceptіve actіons eіther.

The polіcy prescrіbes the rules that scammers and customers who vіolate the rules of the sіte and mobіle applіcatіons are іmmediately subject to blocking. In return, the platform guarantees the safety of personal data and the protection of the money account. This means protection against leakage of financial data.

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Pros & Cons


  • provides clients with live round-the-clock support from managers
  • allows you to bet in live mode
  • specialization of a company in cricket


  • makes individual adjustments to coupons to the detriment of customers
  • limited withdrawal policy



  • Website: https://fairplay.club/sportsbook/
  • Founded: 2019
  • Licence: yes
  • Mobile: Yes

Banking Options

  • GooglePay
  • PayTM
  • Bank transfers


  • English
  • Hindi
  • Guharati
  • etc.

Restricted Countries

  • Cyprus
  • Poland
  • North Korea
  • etc.


  • USD
  • EUR
  • INR

Customer Support

  • Live Chat: Yes
  • Social:

Features of the operation of FairPlay in 2023 from MaaTV

Partnerships with betting companies have cast doubt on customers in all areas of sports disciplines. People usually do not trust companies and are afraid that they could deceive them. To avoid such incidents, there are recommendations on choosing a partner to cooperate with.

The presence of a license for legal work, a particular period of operation, and customer reviews deserve attention in the whole process of preparing to realize gambling activities. Concerning gamblers, there are no unambiguous standards concerning choosing your best partner. It is beneficial in favor of people to work in comfortable conditions. Suitable conditions are not determined by traditional factors. A company that canceled at the last moment at high odds would not associate itself with a profitable partner to collaborate with.

FairPlay provides users with comfortable performing conditions, ensuring them with high odds and margins. The company proves every day that it deserves to proudly wear the title of a bookie and do its job. Today we introduce readers to the bookmaker, which started its activity in 2013, but in a short time has already managed to demonstrate what it is capable of. Everyone is ready to plunge into the world of gambling pleasure right away, so we suggest starting the fascinating journey.

The main reasons why the bookmaker’s sports betting became popular

The sports betting industry has not always achieved a high level of acceptance among sports fans. A very long way has been covered since the end of the 80s of the last century. This period marked a boom time in the whole gambling niche. Every year betting companies have developed and become more famous. They gathered their devoted fans all over the planet. A separate betting market for different sports was formed. What is the reason for such a triumph?

  • Predictions are convenient. In the era of digital development around the whole world, people sit at computers and other gadgets for more free time. Someone is forced by work, and someone just spends time surfing the Internet. Taking a break and taking a break to place a couple of bets creates pleasant care during the entire process of work. Bookmakers offer people the to make online predictions from any corner of the planet, which attracts even more interest in themselves;
  • Beginners feel a sense of welcome in the game. Bids in old bookmakers, when you need to come and pay money at an old window, people find it frightening and gloomy. The online mode solved the problem by organizing a platform on a web network, where you can get it at any time, from anywhere. Companies welcome all newcomers. They demonstrate a willingness to cooperate with lucrative bonuses presented to new players. Bonus programs and necessary assistance create comfort and warmth. Managers in real-time 24/7 are ready to help and communicate with customers both in chat and by mail;
  • Endless bet line options. Gamblers open up a world of endless pleasure when they see an incredibly large number of varieties of predictions on well-known types of sports disciplines. Kinds available now, that sports fans in the past could not even imagine;
  • Exciting promotions and incentives. The offices regularly offer various promotional programs to maintain interest from regular customers, as well as newcomers. Bonuses with the first deposit, the ability to accumulate loyalty points, and the ability to cash out. Sometimes customers participate in a ranking race with real cash prizes. Activities are aimed at increasing the trust and interest of users;
  • Access to a limitless gambling market. The Internet will long lose its borders, which means that the niche of sports games is not limited as well. Having plunged into this world, the gambler gets unlimited opportunities to carry out the desired activities. The most attractive fact is that a person gets access to a niche not only in his own country but can perform as well regardless of geographical location!

FairPlay Independent Review

The development of betting companies is closely related to the popularity of the betting niche. Since the end of the 90s of the last century, a rapid process of creating many companies that were engaged in the necessary activities began. There is an opinion that the bookmaker is fast, clear, and efficient. Many experts confirm this opinion. Today we will consider the features of the functioning of the bookmaker and give an answer to the question of whether it is profitable to cooperate with it.

Brief description of the company

FairPlay started providing services in its niche back in 2013. From the beginning, the office deployed a network of offline offices in Kazakhstan. A year later, it began to work hard on developing the online site and mobile application. Bookie started obtaining a license right away – the goal was achieved, having received approval from the Licensing Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main features demonstrate that office clients can open accounts on the platform in many currencies – US dollar, euro, yen, yuan, the tenge, pound sterling, krone, franc, and others. The replenishment of the game bank is available using common payment systems. bookie focused on the development of a mobile application that iOS and Android operating systems easily support.

The main disadvantage of the company is that only residents of Kazakhstan can withdraw funds. Bookie only cooperates with banks in the home country, but actively negotiates with international banks to open cooperation opportunities.

Users have a great opportunity to cooperate with bookies only after reaching the age of 21. The developers gave the ability to view the site in the English and Russian versions. Developers are working and expanding the list of languages.

FairPlay has acquired several profitable bonus programs presented to users – a bonus on the first deposit up to one hundred percent and a refund to the balance of the game account in the form of cashback, which reaches 10% of calculated funds lost the previous day. Particular attention of customers is focused on promotional offers, which are slightly different from competitors.

Partner strengths and weaknesses

The platform has some positives and negatives. They form a general opinion about the bookmaker. Now we deal with the advantages and disadvantages in detail.
Benefits form a strong positive side of the company.

The bookie provides clients with live round-the-clock support from managers. Managers communicate in Russian and English in chat messengers and via e-mail. Live betting has been attracting an audience of gamblers since the beginning of such an activity.

Bookie allows you to bet in live mode, allowing you to change predictions according to changed odds. Clients regularly use favorable live broadcast mode in parallel with the formation of different bids. It is impossible to find a better pleasure than all amenities in one place. We talk about the specialization of a company in cricket. Sports discipline has taken a separate place in the line of painting with a quite large number of types of bets, ranging from single to live mode.

The Mobile version of the site in question is no different from the standard full version. All functionality becomes available with one touch on the screen. Bookie’s organizers approached the development of mobile applications, which were launched a few months ago, with high quality. The mobile application supports iOS and Android operating systems, transferring the functionality of the platform to the gadget.

The company is not perfect and has a number of negative issues that it is successfully working on. The platform often makes individual adjustments to coupons to the detriment of customers. People have noticed that maximums on accounts have been slashed.

To gain access to bonus programs and free bets on a platform, a person must go through quite complex wagering schemes, although usually, bonuses serve as a reward. A much more important and noticeable disadvantage of FairPlay is the limited withdrawal policy.

Funds are withdrawn from balance only to the cards of residents of Kazakhstan. The office has not yet concluded deals with international banks on cooperation in the financial sector. Withdrawal tax reaches 13% of the total withdrawal amount.

The company often puts the status of accounts in inactive mode. When withdrawing from an inactive account, gamblers pay a commission to the office itself in the amount of up to 15% of the amount. Experts explain financial policy by the fact that limited opportunities concerning withdrawal dictate tough conditions.

There are no ideal partners on the planet. A person chooses a comfortable colleague with favorable conditions.

How to bet on cricket online at FairPlay

Cricket is the main niche of the bookmaker’s specialization. A variety of rates are available for customers on the website and in the mobile application anywhere in the world. To deal with gambling strategies, a person initially understands the features, rules, and terms of a sport.

Varieties of predictions offered by bookmaker

FairPlay positions its policy in its title. Cricket bets occupy a special place in lists of painting lines. The most popular and common predictions are available to clients.

The whole match winner ( case of a tie in time or score bookie does not contribute to the line, ишв is returned at odds of 1.0)

Player chooses a favorite from 15-20 teams participating in a given championship. A bid is simple and clear.

User takes note of the number of wides, hits, runouts, and runs.

Clients open access to a type of fight in which a draw is possible. Two outcomes are available: the first team will not lose, and the second team will not lose.


Many bookmakers offer to gamble on one favorite bowler and batsman of the entire meeting. Bettors often gamble on individual stats, overtime runs, and multiple overs scores.

Bet on cricket at FairPlay and win

Cricket is a game where any little thing can radically change the entire outcome of the whole match. The player takes into account factors – the composition of the teams, weather conditions, field coverage, physical and moral condition of the team’s athletes, and others. We consider all main factors, its particular influence is especially felt in the game.

  • Draw predetermines outcome – the team attacking first gets an advantage in the form of a new ball, which is easier to team members to hit on a new field;
  • The playing field – the coverage of the field is an important part of the gambler’s assessment. The acceleration of the ball after impact directly depends on the surface of the field, whether it be earth or lawn. Different regions use different fields of performing;
  • Duration of meeting – cricket is divided into different levels. During the first-level games, customers prefer live betting. Longer tournaments require other kinds of predictions;
  • Weather conditions – the weather affects the outcome of the match like no other. The ball flies differently depending on the humidity of the air, which is typical in mountainous areas;
  • Bowlers use this factor as a way to play the ball faster;
  • The physical condition of athletes – gamblers take into account the composition of both teams, the productivity of their performances in past meetings, and the ability to adapt to unfamiliar foreign sites!

Profitable strategy at FairPlay

The bookmaker helps clients and introduces them to the working strategy of acting on the platform. Strategy is about the best batsman on the field. The tactics bear many similarities to traditional Dutch strategy. The gambler conducts a detailed analysis of the available data and selects 3-4 athletes who have a chance to become the best batsman.

The most important part of the tactics begins. The gambler makes predictions concerning all selected athletes. The sum of all predictions guarantees a high profit and does not depend on the possible outcome. Using this tactic, a person could act with both the best batter and the favorite of the entire meeting.

The bookmaker gives some tips concerning successful activity:

  • Play live;
  • Considering the stakes;
  • Take note of the duration of matches;
  • Don’t forget regular sensations in cricket;
  • Odds are engaged on outsiders;
  • Change tactics depending on the result;
  • Lines are often loaded due to amateur bettors!

Tips from the bookmaker work on his platform undoubtedly. Users need to remember all life hacks and use them in time.

How does the process of placing a prediction at the bookmaker go

Experts have long developed a universal mechanism for placing a bet, which is suitable as well in this case:

  1. Go to the website or mobile application;
  2. In the painting line, choose the sport – cricket (search is available);
  3. Find the desired tournament/championship and event;
  4. Carry out necessary calculations and analysis;
  5. Choose a type of bet;
  6. Familiarize yourself with coefficients;
  7. Enter prediction amount;
  8. Press the confirmation button!

The ntire process doesn’t take long. The time-consuming part, which takes long periods, is to get acquainted with the theory of a given sphere and study the tactics of the game.

Applications for iOS and Android operating systems

Users who are more comfortable operating from their phones enjoy a well-designed mobile app with modern operating systems. Residents of India most often use the presented opportunity. The Android version almost completely repeats the functionality of the official website.

Users in mobile applications have the opportunity to perform any activity related to cricket. The odds and variety of predictions are identical to the official platform. iOS system users also enjoy the desired application on their devices. Professional developers introduced a separate mobile client. The process of installing mobile applications for different systems is no different.

What FairPlay speaks for itself

Office fairly promises its loyal customers a 100% guarantee of data confidentiality. The platform pays special attention to the firm protection niche and uses high-quality tools for organizing information storage on servers. None of the suppliers, sponsors, or partners can access data servers. High-quality encryption is what the platform is proud of.

Developers have created unique fonts for encryption. Using them, the bookie has secured all transactions made within sites and applications. Reliable protection of personal information and financial data attracts many picky people. Exchange of information is also prohibited inside an office in question. In 2021, bookie added the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to the list of possible payment systems. It created an additional layer of protection. Cryptocurrency is the most securely encrypted system in the world.

Bookie’s name demonstrates his politics. The bookie offers gamblers many opportunities to make predictions against bookie club members. Such a process increases the chances of winning. Standard randomizers do their jobs to predict cricket outcomes. The developed functioning tactics guarantee an unbiased attitude towards different gamblers who are given equal chances to perform. The time has come to act and cast aside all doubts. We hope that we have convinced readers of the honesty and efficiency of bookie FairPlay.

Pay attention to theoretical issues, but do not delay with practitioners. The combination of highly recommended strategies will soon give a positive result. Don’t waste a second of your precious time. Spend it on the first victory prediction in life and never give up pleasure again.



Each person has the right to create only one account in a bookmaker. In case of the creation of the second and further, it is blocked. The right to re-register is not granted.

It is possible to install a mobile client from official stores of operating systems. The duration of installation is determined by a few seconds. Traditionally, desired application icon appears on the gadget’s desktop.

No way. The office provides a welcome promotional offer once for the first deposit. Promotion is not valid for the second and subsequent promotions.

Computer systems calculate results immediately after the end of matches. The amount of money won is credited to the account within a few seconds.

The office does not require mandatory verification for gambling activities. Process of withdrawing money from an account requires verification of the account and bank account.

FairPlay reserves the right to act within 12 hours. After the allotted time, the sums in your account will update.

All actions related to events in cricket are carried out through a personal account. Successfully completed predictions do not expire. For more detailed information, people can find out about the round-the-clock support of the platform.