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How to win in cricket betting?

Cricket gambling isn’t so easy. To win in cricket betting, you need to know more about this sport. First of all, let’s figure out the basics of the discipline.

It is a collective sport of ball and bat between two teams normally composed of eleven players each. It is generally played on an oval-shaped grass field, in the center of which is an area of ​​about twenty meters in length, at each end of which there is a wooden structure, the wicket. A match is divided into several rounds. During each of them, one of the sides tries to score runs and simultaneously has two batsmen on the ground, each in front of one of the wickets. A point is notably scored each time these two players exchange position when the ball is in play. Their eleven opponents are also present in the playing area. The ball is thrown by one of them towards the wicket. of one of the two batsmen. The objective of the second side is to prevent the first side from scoring, mainly by eliminating the opposing batsmen, f.e., by destroying the wicket with the ball on the pitch.

More than a hundred countries are affiliated with the International Cricket Council, which notably organizes the well-known World Cup. Historically, it is most popular in the nations of the former British Empire.
The largest markets are test games and T20 games in the Indian Premier League. It is noteworthy that about 70% of these stakes are made in real-time.

Main cricket formats

The game is played in one of the main formats:

  • T-20 is the fastest format, it takes place within two innings, where opponents take turns defending and attacking, usually, such confrontations last up to 3.5-4 hours;
  • One-day confrontation – goes during the day, but is usually limited to 40-50 overs;
  • Test matches – last from 3 to 5 days, and are held between national teams and within the framework of national championships (within such a format, experienced gamblers bet mainly in live mode)!
  • One-day match (ODI) is a form of limited overs game. Meetings in the ODI format make it possible to determine the winner with greater accuracy since a draw is impossible. The Twenty20 format appeared in 2003 and quickly gained popularity due to its dynamism, allowing you to complete the match in three hours or a little more (squads attack once).


Which cricket tournaments to bet on with bookmakers

The geography of popular competitions is mainly limited to the British Commonwealth. The national championships in which stakes are accepted are held in:

  • England;
  • Australia;
  • India;
  • Pakistan;
  • Canada, etc!

Recently, the discipline is gaining popularity in the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf. The key international tournaments are the Cup and the World Championship, which are held among men’s and women’s teams. Cup competitions are held annually.

The most prestigious event is the World Championship held every four years. Everything is like in big football, only there are much fewer participants (10).

The season goes on almost all year round, without long breaks, and there is a sufficient market of events in bookmakers, which allows you to bet on the discipline without pauses.

Tips for pre-match analysis

To increase the chances of a successful prediction, consider the following factors in your pre-match analysis:

  1. Format – usually a limited number of overs is included in the rules of a particular tournament, but can also be assigned due to weather conditions.
  2. Pitch characteristics – fast covering is a thrower’s advantage: it is more difficult for the batter to hit the ball (you can throw with a rebound from the field). The slow cover protrudes on the side of the batsman – the ball flies at a low speed.
  3. Venue – it is of particular importance in international tournaments, home teams feel more confident.
  4. Team members – success in the game largely depends on the presence of the strongest performers in the squad who earn the most points.
  5. Head-to-head statistics are an important factor in those cases. when teams with a long history of principled rivalry meet.

Also, consider climate conditions when international games are played. Indian athletes may feel difficulties in playing in Australia due to the sharp change in the climate zone, and if the competition is held in a test mode for five days, then the Australian national team has a better chance of winning.

Professional bettors constantly study numerous materials in the press and social networks, emerging news, and rumors about top players. The motivation of key performers, their form, and their attitude are the main factors influencing the outcome.

Main benefits of cricket betting

One of the key advantages of gambling in this sport is the high level of competition between sides participating in certain tournaments. Usually, there are no explicit outsiders and underdogs. Thus, gambling on a positive handicap can be very profitable. Especially in those cases when fans heavily load the market by making numerous stakes on their favorite team.

Live stakes on such events are very popular. It is not surprising, because if the game goes on for nearly 20-30 hours, then you can always pick up an interesting and profitable stake in the process.


What to take into account when betting on cricket

How to win cricket betting? Perhaps the main advice for those who are going to place stakes on this sport is to thoroughly study the rules of the discipline, especially since they have a lot of nuances. Of course, you must have information not only about the rival teams but also about their leading players. Each team has its own characteristics, so learn some information about them before starting to bet on gambling sites.

All factors are of paramount importance when analyzing a game as the smallest detail can affect the trajectory of the ball. It is, then, preferable to find out beforehand about the weather conditions, the state of the ground, and the reliability level of the ticket offices. There are also three types of factors:

  1. the flat wicket with a good reading of the trajectory of the ball;
  2. the dry wicket with a ball that spins;
  3. the green wicket with a ball moving through the air!

Finally, do not hesitate to consult the predictions of experts to validate your sports bets. Use such a Google search as ‘win money in cricket betting tips’. This sport is resolutely tactical and can therefore be easily analyzed by specialists.

Other important points are listed among these ‘how to win’ session in cricket betting tips:

  1. Matches here take a long time, so the best solution is to bet live. There is no need to take any quick actions, there is time to think carefully and make an informed decision on the rate;
  2. When the game is played in a long format, bettors pay special attention to the period of the match in which the balls are changed. In such a case, one of the teams often increases the advantage. If at this time there is a powerful batsman from the team, he hits new balls better and earns points faster. If there is a powerful bowler with a weak batting opponent, he is better at throwing the balls and does not allow the opponent to quickly score points;
  3. When gambling before the start of the meeting, users generally bet on the favorite, if he is in good playing shape, and the playing conditions and the climate will not greatly weaken his level of performance. Here, clear favorites often win, which allows you to effectively use the “ladder”;
  4. You can choose a long-term type of bet – the winner of the tournament. Generally, bookmakers set high quotes on the first 3-4 favorites of the championship, which allows you to successfully use the “fan” strategy;
  5. Most frequently, within the same tournament, there are teams of approximately equal strength, so the odds for an outsider and a favorite do not differ much. International matches can be an exception, where the leading teams generally win by a wide margin;
  6. On the other hand, the defeat of the favorite is very rare here, so bookmaker quotes, as a rule, reflect the balance of power as accurately as possible;
    Also, take into account weather conditions that can affect not only the result of the game but also its conduct in principle. It happens that events are postponed and even left unfinished due to heavy rain, fog, etc!

With these tips, you’ll be able to always win in cricket bets.

Best betting strategies

In such an extraordinary sport, it is difficult to offer any proven gambling strategies. According to professionals, fixed matches are the most common in this sport. So, recently four players of the South African national team received long terms of disqualification (actually ending their careers) for participating in such meetings. If there is a strong load in the line, you can safely go with the flow, placing bets on a strongly falling coefficient. You won’t win much here, but you will most likely be in the black at a distance. The basic conditions for a cricket betting strategy might look like this:

  • find an odds or load scanner;
  • select matches;
  • if in one of the matches the coefficient dipped by 10% in any direction, place a bet!
  • It’s more of a tactic than a strategy. But given the specifics of the discipline, it may well work.


It is known as an exotic sport among some players. However, bettors who have chosen it as the main one for gambling, and who have studied all its features, may well count on regular winnings in bookmakers. After all, bookmakers offer fairly good odds and limits for this sport. If you carefully follow the course of the struggle and know the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents, then from time to time you can look for obvious distortions in the line and make promising stakes. There are no universal strategies here, it all depends on the attentiveness of the bettor and his knowledge of the participants in the confrontation.

What makes this sport so interesting is its lightning-fast pace, clever and creative strategies, and action-packed games.
If you still have questions on how to win betting in cricket, it’s only up to you to become an expert. One thing is certain: there is money and value in gambling in this discipline!


Go to an online bookmakers site and click on the link to the section of the desired sport. There will be a list of matches/tournaments you can gamble on.

Each match the bookmakers offer to bet on will have a number of markets to choose from. All you have to do is go to the batsman markets and place a stake on who you think will perform the best.

All online gambling sites are divided into different categories. Choose the live betting section and then search for the matches that are taking place. Then you need to click on the match you want to place a stake on.

Online gambling sites will offer odds on future events. It could be for the winner of the next IPL tournament or who will win the next ICC World Cup.

The player delivers the ball to the batsman. Bowlers come in many categories depending on the speed at which they bowl. These include fast, slow (spin throwers), and medium.

The batsman is the player who has the task of scoring points for his team. There are two batsmen at a time during the match.