Who are the Hobart Hurricanes in BBL 2023?

The Hurricanes are an Australian professional men’s T20 cricket franchise team based in Tasmania, Australia. They compete in Australia’s domestic T20 cricket competition known as the Big Bash League, a league in which many international players compete.

They represent Hobart. They play their home games at Blundstone Arena. They wear purple sports uniforms. They also have a female squad under the same name, this means you can double your betting.

Why is cricket popular in Australia?

Cricket is a heritage of the British colonial rule in Australia. It is one of the most popular sports in Australia internationally, nationally, and locally. It makes extensive use of the whole country in the field of sports, especially from September to April.

The highest administrative authority for both professional and amateur players is Cricket Australia. 2019–2020 National Cricket Census that 1,558,821 Australians participated in demonstrations or programs, up 9% from the previous year. 30% of cricket entrants are women, being one of the 10 new entrants – women being one of the most recent growth entrants for the year.

In terms of service, during the summer of 2019–20 cricket is over 2.3 million, exceeding the 1.8 million set in 2017–2018. Separately, official audience figures show that 93.6% of Australians watched at least some cricket on television in the calendar year 2014-15.

The brief story of Hobart Hurricanes

The team debuted in the BBL in 2011 and got off to a pretty bright start. Their opponent in the first match was a squad from Perth (Perth Scorchers), which they overcome by a score of 140/109 in favor of Hurricanes. Bowler Ben Hilfenhaus played the most important role in this victory. For such good results, he has selected the squad for the annual test match, which takes place on December 26 at the stadium in Melbourne.

In the second round, they faced the absolute favorites from Sydney the Sydney Sixers. Luck was not on the side of the favorites and the opponents from Sydney suffered a crushing defeat after 42 runs at the home stadium in Hobart. Rana Naveed-ul-Hasan was the leading wicket-taker that year and took a total of 15 wickets in games.

The following year, the team participated in 8 games. Of them, four matches were successful and they lost exactly the same number. They finished the 2012\13 in sixth place out of 8. The next year, they advanced to the semifinals by just one point over their opponents.

They managed to win semi-final against real stars, but in final, they faced opponents from Perth and were completely thrashed. The opposition outscored them by 39 runs and as a result, they finished second, which is still their best achievement in the league to this day. Team player Ben Dunk won the man of the tournament award for scoring 395 runs and another player Jonathan Wells won the best debut year award. In 2014-15, they won only three meetings and took 5th place in championship table.

In 2018, they were invited to draw the first ever trophy of Abu Dhabi championship, which was to be held in the fall of 2018.

Hobart Hurricanes in BBL

They have participated in League since its inception. The team’s highest achievement is the first finishing position in 2018/19, but, they were defeated insemi-finals. The next best achievement of Hurricanes was the second finishing position in 2011-2012, where they finished as a result of again losing in the semi-finals.

They also took fourth place in the final ranking three times during the entire time of its participation, namely in the 2013-2014, 2017-2018, and 2019-2020 seasons. In 2014-2015 2021/2022, they took 5th place. In the 2012-2013 and 2020-2021 seasons, they took 6th place due to their failure to qualify.

Two years in a row, and in fact in 2015-16 and 2017-16, they took 7th place in the overall ranking, due to the fact that it could not qualify further.

Hobart Hurricanes performance in 2021-2022 season

According to the results of last year’s season, they took the overall fifth place in the BBL. In total, they took part in 14 matches, 7 of which they won. Most of the team’s wins were by fairly small margins, averaging no more than 10 sprints. The exception was the match against the Melbourne Stars in which the Hurricane had an advantage of 106 runs.

The outcomes of all matches look like this:

STAGE Hobart Hurricanes vs WINNER
4 Sydney Sixers  Syd. Six. (by 14 runs)
8 Sydney Sixers   Hob. Hur. (by 44 runs)
12 Perth Scorchers  Perth Scorc. (by 53 runs)
15  Perth Scorchers Perth Scorc. (by 42 runs)
19 Melbourne Stars Hob. Hur. (by 24 runs)
22 Adelaide Strikers  Hob. Hur. (by 7 wickets)
26 Melbourne Renegades  Hobart Hur. (by 85 runs)
29 Brisbane Heat   Bris. Heat (by 14 runs)
35 Adelaide Strikers   Adel. Strik. (by 7 wickets)
41 Brisbane Heat  Hobart Hur. (by 8 wickets)
43 Sydney Thunder  Syd. Thun. (by 9 wickets)
47 Sydney Thunder  Hobart Hur. (by 9 runs)
54 Melbourne Renegades Hobart Hur. (by 6 runs)
56 Melbourne Stars Mel. Stars (by 106 runs)

In the match for entry into the playoffs, they played against the Adelaide Strikers and were defeated by Adelaide, leading by 22 sprints.

Hobart Hurricanes players and team members

At the moment there are 24 players on the team, most of whom are Australian citizens, but the squad also includes players from Singapore, England, Nepal, and Guyana. As of today, the captain is Matthew Wade, a native of Australia, and the head coach is also Australian Adam Griffith.

At different times, outstanding cricketers played in this team: D’Arcy Short, Matthew Wade, Tim Paine, Ben McDermott, George Bailey, Dan Christian, and Jofra Archer. We will talk about some of them in more detail.

Jofra Archer, a player from England, was a real star in 2017-2018. It was this player who became the factor that allowed them to achieve good results. He is noted as a fairly aggressive player with a high goal percentage and good passing accuracy. If we talk about his game with the bat, experts also identify a significant aggressiveness and the fact that Archer was a much better player with the bat than some of his colleagues. In general, the whole squad noted the importance of his contribution, which helped him reach the finals in the 2017-2018 season.

Pakistan-based player Naveed ul Hasan was also an important member of the team and their 1st season in BBL. His passes allowed him to collect wickets in the center and far parts of the field where it is usually difficult to score. It is also worth noting about the former captains of the squad, most of whom were bowlers.

It was thanks to them that the squad could make powerful breakthroughs that brought them victories. Some of the team’s players even received invitations to the Australian national team.
Sandeep Lamichhane another new star comes from Nepal and is accepted to the squad for 2010-2011. Since he joined, in has bowled almost every game and picked up a few wickets every eighth game.

What are the pros and cons of Hobart Hurricanes?

They are considered a strong middle class of the League, but it has their weaknesses and strengths. Аmong the strengths, in the new season will be the absence of injuries and distractions from season training for most of the members.

Also, practically no squad member will be called up for test games, which means that the hurricane will be able to play with their best and strongest squad. All the facts listed above will help the team to set up a better game, and come up with tactics and strategies for different situations that give them an advantage over their opponents.

If we talk about the weaknesses, it lacks superstars in its composition. This team’s weak point sprints as they are the lowest in the league. Another problem in the new season will be the absence of Ben Dunk, who left the squad and was one of the leaders in runs during the game. In this indicator, he is inferior only to the undisputed leader, Tim Payne.

Since the squad could not find a replacement for Ben Dunk, the responsibility falls even more on the leaders. Tim Paine and George Bailey will be the main players who will be responsible for its victories.

How to bet on Hobart Hurricanes?

Experts recommend playing and betting in live mode. In such a situation, you can easily analyze the course of the game by adding bets throughout the match – the duration of games is on average about 5-6 hours (one-day matches) up to 3-4 days (first-level competitions).

Cricket is a sport where sensations are common, so a capper can hit a good jackpot with a little understanding of the discipline and bets. Remember that most of the results are logical, and strong squads achieve victories. In the World Cups, Australia achieved five victories, India and the West Indies won the title twice each, and Sri Lanka and England became the strongest in the world only once.

If you want to succeed in betting on cricket follow these simple rules:

  1. In one-day matches, technique and skill play a key role, and if the match lasts 3-5 days, then the endurance of the opponents comes to the fore;
  2. Pay enough attention to the study of statistics – in different periods of the season, teams and individual performers may be in different forms;
  3. Moving affects performance. Cricket squads are not accustomed to sudden changes in climate and weather conditions!

Where can you bet on Hobart Hurricanes?

Cricket is incredibly popular in the former British colonies. The line of tournaments to bet on and outcomes is quite rich, so cappers prefer bookmakers from countries where cricket is very popular or companies that have a large number of representatives around the world – like, Parimatch, 10bet, and RoyalPanda.

Before placing a bet, be sure to study the bookmaker you choose what bets and odds they offer and read user reviews. Also, don’t be afraid to ask the company representatives if this is your first time betting on cricket. They will gladly give you all the information and answers to all your questions about bets.

Can Hobart Hurricanes win BBL in 2023?

No matter how much the fans would like to see them win, this season is unlikely to happen. As we said earlier, this is a strong middle squad, which lacks stellar and experienced players. Yes, they have talented players on the field, but they do not have enough stars that could take the team’s game to a new level.

The squad is lucky because many international players remain on its roster for this season, but, the roster that it currently has is not experienced enough to compete with squads from the strongest three. So most likely they will finish this season in the middle of the standings, if not lower.