Cricket is a game that is totally easy to understand. Hints from a guru can help you earn money by predicting the outcome of the matches. As the gambler, you are free to use the recommendations written out below to bet, cutting your losses or wins as much as you want to. Do not forget listening to experienced fellows is normal and even good to develop as a professional. Pay attention to the advantages at the bottom.



Reasons to pay attention to cricket betting tips

Following the advice of a master in the field can be beneficial in these meanings.

Making everything easy and clear

Such hints can help you because they make the gambling process easier. There are many different types of stakes you can put and some people get confused with the excitement before the games start.

The free guru recommendations provide data on how teams might play in various situations to help you decide when it is time to play.

Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s

The second reason why such tips can help you is they remove a lot of your guesswork according to tracking the odds and statistics after every match. Remember, after each game, there are winners and losers.
Sometimes these results appear later due to previous decisions based on incomplete or incorrect data collection. With reliable professional recommendations, you don’t have to waste time trying to figure the details out.

Having an impartial point of view

The third reason why such a piece of advice is useful to you is they give an unbiased view of the master the teams and players involved in the games discussed. Sometimes the field is messy, ‘cause lots of things are happening constantly, so it is hard to keep track of each player or squad.
With the help of free cricket betting tips, you choose a particular team or athlete, which is worth investing money in. The recommendations are always based on recent performance, and stats indicators of specific matches, rather than just providing the most popular offers, where you already know who is likely to win.

Comparing data

The fourth reason why they will come in handy is proving valuable data others may overlook due to lack of research. Many gamblers want to cash out with staking, so you need to stand out from the crowd to make good forecasts and earn money.
You have to learn about early injuries and weather problems which are likely to affect the development of matches before they even start. And the details are given by a special master.
In the main, objective opinions from experts who know what they are talking about are crucial to successful forecasts and staking. Comparing statistics is crucial to getting the benefits of playing.

More pros to consider

Sometimes a lot of things happen and an ordinary punter cannot handle everything alone, so the research of an expert is essential. Surely, you don’t know each participating player perfectly, as well as his or her personal professional growth and recent performance statistics. In this case, you will not be able to examine the matches as there is too much to consider.

On the contrary, gurus provide the steps on how squads and players act in various situations, so you may stake reasonably and easily.

Facebook — the place to discover cricket betting tips

Social networks are a godsend to everyone. Today we can easily find anything: like-minded people, beautiful things, delicious recipes, and a lot of tools, namely tips on how to bet on discipline. One of the most famous social networks in the world is Facebook. It is the biggest communication platform for people from all over the world. Here you may discover everything, even more than you need. The sports community, namely numerous players, their squads and coaches, as well as fans and experts, prefer Facebook. Here you can meet like-minded fellows or follow changes in the activities of your favorites.

Since we have already concluded it is better to place stakes based on master advice, the question arises, where to obtain these recommendations? It is worth noting here Facebook’s official policy prohibits advertising and promotion of the sphere, so you will not be able to put a direct bet. Regarding betting tips, the situation is a little complicated.

Very often, professional sports analysts and strategists maintain their pages where you reveal all the necessary data. However, not everyone is ready to use their profile to publish forecasts, so to find if a particular analyst is giving Facebook support, you should manually go to his or her page and check.

Another problem is Facebook cricket betting tips may be removed. Then, as a rule, experts leave links in the description of their pages, where they redirect them to their other accounts, blogs, or sites (their own, or agencies where they publish the forecasts).

On Facebook, you can also discover entire groups and public pages created by sports media or bookmakers, where professionals post the results of their research.

There are also problems with data allocation and possible blocking. Usually, after blocking, such groups resume their usual work in newly created groups. Thus, in this case, you just need to get into a new group with a similar name (by the way, the name may differ slightly according to security reasons).

Separately, there are highly specialized agencies and offices studying specific markets. In our case, we are talking about cricket. In particular, it can be an agency studying and predicting further wins and losses exclusively in diverse competitions of various levels.

You will meet masters who assign pieces of advice on betting on local tournaments, and fellows who study the most famous tournaments, such as ICC Cricket World Cup, ICC Championship Trophy, T20, Ashes Series, Big Bash, Open British, European Cricket League, Natwest Series, Border-Gavaskar Trophy and others.

So, if you are a regular Facebook user and you want to learn recommendations on how to bet on the sport correctly and free, do it within the platform. A lot of features and recommendations are given which can be useful to you. Although remember it will be quite problematic and not each expert uses Facebook.



Go forward the best hints to the Telegram channel

Excluding Facebook, you are free to consider Telegram channels – they are even convenient in use. Just find the link to download the messenger (if you haven’t had it yet) and search the necessary channels (just googling or on the website (or personal Facebook page) of the masters and agency. To prove free cricket betting tips on Telegram channels are great, look at the following statements.

Grouping chats and channels in folders opportunity

Telegram folders allow you to clear up the clutter in your list of chats and channels. With their help, personal chats are separated from work groups or specialized channels. Everything is simple: create a tab, give it a name and add only what you need.

Usage of hashtags in the Telegram channel

If you constantly need to scroll and scour the page to reveal a prediction of the desired match on the website or anywhere, here you may use hashtags on the Telegram channel to start a quick search. Analysts mark specific topics or news with them. If you enter the tag in the channel search, tagged messages will be displayed. By clicking on the tag, you can open a global search in chats and channels.

Translation of foreign language texts

It’s not even a problem if you desire to follow excellent betting professionals from other countries who communicate in a language other than English. Only go to the settings and enable the desired option in the «Language» section («Show the Translate button»). After clicking on a message, the “Translate” item will be displayed in the context menu.

Quick media search

By clicking on the free betting cricket recommendations Telegram channel icon you are allowed to switch to the menu of media files that were in the messages. Finding the right image (to give an example, with the odds) does not require long scrolling. Speed up the search with the zoom gesture — change the display scale of the images like in Google Photos. You are also allowed to drag or click on the slider to instantly jump through the calendar to the desired date.
Transfer WhatsApp conversations opportunity

If you switch from WhatsApp to Telegram, the messages in the conversation may also be transferred. You must press «⋮» and «More» in WhatsApp chat, then «Export chat» and select Telegram and a specific channel. And it’s how you combine any necessity: convenient personal usage and tracking new recommendations from experts.

Remote disconnection of Telegram on another device

If you logged into Telegram from another device, but forgot to log out and don’t want anyone to see your data, just complete it action from any other phone. To do an action on the smartphone, open the Telegram side menu, go to settings and click on «Devices». You will see the active sessions. Each of them may be deactivated in three clicks. Thus free hints on Telegram channels seem to be even more convenient than any other option. Telegram messenger has won the hearts of millions of customers all around the globe, including sports fans and analysts, so don’t doubt and profit from it.


How to choose the expert to follow cricket betting guidance

It is an unpredictable discipline, so many inexperienced gamblers need the help of someone with deeper knowledge. Nevertheless, not every expert is right.

What difference does it make who will give advice? It seems to be indifferent, but it’s very important the analyst, from whom you will take predictions and hints, not only appeals to you or inspires confidence but also corresponds to several qualities. They may vary, but the general requirements are:

  • the objectivity of forecasts;
  • review of the player’s or team’s statistics (not only according to the current season);
  • mentioning of odds (their weight in placing a successful result);
  • analysis of offers from various bookmakers (will be a definite plus).

Separately, you should compare forecasts from various experts, because you will learn how to notice the nuances and dig into the crucial aspects. Comparing and studying various points of view allows you to expand your horizons and accept the right choice. So choose with your heart and mind.

Faizal Guru — the master of betting tips

Among the huge selection of Indian sports masters, one of the most honorable is considered to be Faizal Guru. He enjoys the respect of most experienced gamblers and beginners. The analyst publishes his hints both on the website and on social networks. A huge advantage of guidance from Faizal Guru is that he doesn’t give point forecasts of a particular match narrowly, but also teaches gamesters how to puzzle in the field.

It is not a competitive sport where beginners get lucky. The more knowledge a gambler has, the greater the chances of winning. Many betting fans are repelled by overly complicated rules, but the most dogged and obstinate fellows who are willing to dig into the nuances of the discipline earn a lot of money from such staking, even if they follow Faizal Guru’s recommendations.

To give an example, Faizal Guru has repeatedly described in his posts that the format of the competition has a serious impact on predictions. The reason is each squad is interested in the preferred path in which it shows the best results.
One of the greatest pieces of advice from Faizal Guru is to stake in live mode as the game is long and does not require quick decisions from the punters. In other words, there is an opportunity to think, look and form a prediction based on their impressions and of course deep analysis.

As a rule, there are no declared losers here, so losing the favorite of the competition is a sensation. Thus, the chances of a squad winning do not vary significantly.

The weather conditions are very important here and should be taken into consideration when Also Faizal Guru mentions the importance of weather changing. Exactly because of weather circumstances, lots of games are limited with time or even finished and delayed.

As a result, any detail affects the outcome of the competition, so it’s better the day before the match not to miss data about the squads, key players, the field, and the weather. If you look through any strange news about the upcoming game or conflicting facts, stop gambling on the duel, and recommend Faizal Guru.
Special attention should be paid to the venue. Generally, teams perform better at home than away. The climate and the terrain are of great importance, as it will be difficult for the English team to adapt and show their full potential at the tournament in India.

As you can see, hints are very simple but crucial. Of course, the expert is not only engaged in providing general advice, if you follow him, but you also find advice on almost all events taking place in India and abroad. Indeed, Faizal Guru’s tips are credible because his predictions have good implementation trends. Of course, you should not blindly rely on predictions from anyone, but if you want to learn how to understand sports and the process of industry working, then by all means follow the analyst. His research shows many small details ordinary gamester do not even pay attention to.

Great OLBG gambling tips

Online Betting Guide (OLBG) is a very cool option for beginners who are seeking various tips on the way to place stakes correctly. OLBG is a platform where many experienced gamesters are assembled, sharing their professional hints on specific matches. These are the masters who have been following the main events of the discipline for more than one year and carefully analyzing the nuances to make predictions about the winner.

The platform also motivates the professionals to dive deeper into the topic since OLBG holds an internal competition where the best analyst (with the highest number of successful predictions) is paid a certain amount. Thus, not including the personal interest of those who guide you, there is also a financial aspect.

OLBG is highly respected and well-known in India, as it has around two million customers. The choice of sports is wide — racing, football and so on. Besides, you may compare offers from different bookmakers and read the latest news in the field here.

To properly evaluate the bookmakers’ offers, you need to understand the odds of winning. Understanding the way coefficients are calculated is essential to punters and bookmakers. Bookies evaluate the odds provided by their data providers and meet the needs of the public, and gamesters interpret the outcome of their offers.

Before talking about coefficients, it’s necessary to introduce the concept of “probability”, as it is what coefficients are based on. Probability in sports gambling there is the probability one of the outcomes occurs.

To accurately calculate the probability of each outcome, the bookmaker conducts an in-depth analysis of the statistics of specific teams, players, rivals, etc. If the office does not calculate the odds itself, choosing a reliable sports data provider is an important step in the development of the market.

In general, coefficients are the probability of the outcome of an event, expressed in monetary terms and including the dealer’s margin. In essence, the coefficient reflects the probability of an event occurring. No matter how the odds are written, their meaning is always the same – they show how frequently the player wins if the outcome succeeds.

Staking odds are determined by two main factors: the probability of an event and the margin. Everything becomes clear with the first factor: the coefficients are inversely related to the probability. In other words, the higher the probability of an outcome, the lower the odds.

In sporting competitions, there is usually a favorite (leader) and an underdog (less popular opponent). When the favorite meets the underdog, the underdog’s coefficients are always lower, while the underdog’s coefficients are higher.

As the event unfolds, the values of the coefficients also change. When the coefficients of an event increase, bookmakers reduce them to a winning result. Anything may affect the outcome: bad weather on game day, injury to one of the top players, change of coach, etc.

The main reason to change the coefficients is public opinion: if gamesters actively choose one outcome and ignore the second during a match, the bookmaker will probably reduce the odds of winning a popular outcome and increase the odds of winning a less popular outcome. outcome. one. Generally, mastering the skills of reading coefficients is not difficult. Once you master the classical mathematical models of decimal coefficients, ratios, and integers, everything becomes very fast.

So each aspect is taken into account — OLBG is a very good choice to find qualified concrete recommendations.

SHAAN is the place where to find great tips

Good recommendations are found on CBTF SHAAN FAMILY. It is a specialized sports website providing a place to complete a multifaceted analysis of events both in the world of cricket and in other disciplines. Here you find brilliant advice free according to who to gamble on and why.

Firstly, CBTF SHAAN FAMILY impresses with the simplicity and asceticism of the site – the ascetic design makes it easy to navigate the site and not get lost. Despite hints, a variety of news is also available, so you are going to keep your finger on the pulse if you use the services SHAAN. To get the most out of the recommendations, focus on the types of offers that are provided. In general, bookmakers accept offers on:

– victory;
Frequently, bookies only accept bets on team wins, but in the discipline, draws are possible. There are two types of draws: by score or by time. Almost all bookmakers do not gamble on a draw and when it happens, they return all gamesters who gamble on the win.
– tournament victory;
The tournaments do not have a large number of participants, so it’s perfect to analyze the squads and cash on the market.
– the best batsman or player;
It is very rare here to perform extraordinarily to stand out among teammates, so the offer is very risky.
– the total score of the best player in the game;
It’s an offer in the individual activity of the athletes.
– other rates.

Bookmakers accept stakes on the total runs or wickets, total runs from the first couple of batsmen of the team, you are also free to gamble on which team scores more runs or wickets to fully understand the rules of cricket. It’s also useful to know what you are going to play, especially the levels of the competition selected. The competitions are divided into various types.

– first level matches;
Here the meeting time and 4 tickets are limited. On average, these matches last up to 5 days, and a daily session of play lasts 6 hours.
– games with a fixed number of 2-innings overs.
These matches are usually played in 1 day, but drag on for more than 6 hours.

The discipline has its hierarchy of prestige, like tests. Similar championships are held among members of the International Cricket Council, which comprises 8 states. It seems making a great prediction is very easy, but the reality differs. In predicting gambling hints Shaan experts are drawn to the following nuances:

– ownership of the field (meaning the team plays away or at home);
– weather conditions (pointed out obligatory to check the weather forecast in the area);
– the physical shape of the athletes, preparation, injuries, and disqualifications;
– profit to date, main squads’ performance;
– rules of holding meetings, their format;
– the quality of the pitch pre-match preparation;
– game’s judgment.

So SHAAN’s tips make your choice easier. You should never forget about your analysis, so CBTF SHAAN FAMILY is a suitable resource to take advantage of predictions and at the same time take maximum profit from them, learning the basics of analysis.

Сricket betting hints posted on JSK

JSK is one of the oldest platforms to place stakes. Here you may find almost everything. The site is like a large manual or encyclopedia, where all the answers to all your questions are collected. JSK is especially appreciated for providing comprehensive hints to beginners who do not understand how gambling works. In other words, experts share basic knowledge and tell you how to take the first steps in the industry. So just follow the advice which JSK highlighted to «new freshers».

Choose only trusted bookmakers

Indian players are allowed to legally place bets only in authorized offices in the country. It means every legal gambling company must have a license, otherwise, there is a high chance that you will be fooled by an unreliable bookmaker. If the bookmaker complies with all legal conditions, this protects the punter from all kinds of problems, such as non-payment of winnings. Illegal bookies have not gone, watch out.

Seek the best odds

The higher your betting odds, the higher your potential winnings. Considering the point, seeking the best odds becomes a priority for punters who want to get long-term profits.
Don’t forget to keep an eye on the drop of odds. If several offices suddenly start underestimating the odds of a particular event, seek another and gamble.

Gamble on the sports you puzzle out

Don’t jump to every sport or event searching for a win. If you’re not good at cricket, learn educational materials first. Define a specific set of sports you puzzle out and bet. Even if you hear mass calls to gamble on something unknown because a «cool event» is coming up, ignore it.

Study bankrolling management

The bankroll and its proper management while gambling is no less important than finding a potential passing bet. Proper allocation of funds helps you stay afloat even if your staking efficiency is negative, you may use your capital as efficiently as possible. The way you can correlate the profit you make with the amount you place on. The bankroll must be formed before you start playing. It is an essential process that should be handled very responsibly.
Basic principles of bankroll building:

  • place only on the amount whose loss is not critical;
  • set a limit on wagered or lost amounts per day, week, and month;
  • place on verified events;
  • analyze games, view statistics, read media and social networks;
  • apply financial strategies;
  • don’t put all the money on one offer in a hurry to win back or hit the big jackpot.

Know when to stop

It is a mistake made by many punters and not just beginners. Even experts with years of experience sometimes break down, start playing over the limit set or try to win back what they have lost, ultimately leading to sad consequences. To prevent this from happening to you, set a specific gambling goal of the day, week, or month in advance. After that, you just need to control your emotions and enthusiasm so as not to get too deep into the game. You also need to choose the right time of day to play. To give an example, if you have had a busy day at work and come home and decide to try your luck, it is best to stop and postpone it until the morning or another night when you have more energy. Thus playing with JSK tips is surely informative.



TOP staking hints from Baazigar

Baazigar cricket betting tips are completely free. What differentiates the agency from other platforms is a small group of people who are specialists with more than twenty years of experience make predictions here. Also, the attention of experts never comes to regional second-class events. On their website, analysts indicate they only review and predict upcoming matches within ODI, Test, and T20. Moreover, the predictions are created based on the latest artificial intelligence technologies based on the statistics of hitting and bowling in previous matches, that is, there is no reason to worry about the quality of the Baazigar guidance.

The agency shows that to make correct and meaningful predictions, you need to constantly develop, namely, delve into the topic. Furthermore, you need to learn how to place a bet correctly already in a bookmaker’s company, and to reach this you should get acquainted with the main gambling strategies.
It’s impossible to single out one strategy and call it the main and 100% winning. Each tactic plays its role, thus gambling strategies are very important – every punter who wants to make a stable profit in a bookmaker’s office should be aware of them. Strategies are necessary for the most accurate analysis of an event. Let’s take a look at them below.

Staking on an outsider (Value staking)

As a general rule, most beginners make a fairly common mistake when trading only on favorites. But as practice shows, favorites often lose to outsiders. To place value stakes, you must know a particular sport well and understand the motivations of both teams to win.

Bookmakers’ sure bets

The tactic of making cash, although a win-win situation, is not approved by many bookies. Multiple actions are monitored by all companies. When they are calculated, the accounts of such punters are blocked on the balance sheet along with all funds. The essence of the strategy is to find profitable offers from the offices. The bookmakers offer very different odds and this may be a good boost. If a punter wishes to make sure bets, he or she compares offers from bookie A and book B. The first one offers odds of 2.11, but the second — is 2.05. To get a guaranteed win, the gambler must stake the higher sum on the first company and the lower sum on the second.


The essence of tactics lies in the most accurate analysis and understanding of the specifics of a particular sport. It’s suitable for high-activity sports, like this. To use the tactic, the player must bet more than 200.5 points in total and less than 205.5 points in total. The difference between these indicators is the dreamy corridor. If the teams score more than 2000 points, the first option wins, if less than 206 – the second. When the teams enter the corridor, both bets are entered.

Financial strategies

Professional bettors have developed a variety of financial strategies that allow you to allocate money effectively between bets. Consider the most popular tactics.

  • Flat.
    It is one of the simplest and most common financial strategies borrowed from the casino practice. The punter must choose a certain value and keep the value for the entire distance of the game. As a rule, this value is minimal and 1 to 3% of the bank.
  • Fixed income.
    The strategy is the opposite of Flat. Here the size of the stake depends directly on the expectations and goals of the customer.
  • Martingale Strategy.
    The tactic is one of the most popular in gambling. The principle is quite simple – you have to make deals with odds more or equal to two, and in a case of loss, you double the amount of the next stake.

So, relying on Baazigar’s guidance is a pleasure. A professional team can easily help you identify the winner.


Short resume on how to proceed

Normally, cricket betting tips are overriding for each punter, especially beginners. Do not neglect the opportunity to apply free help from experienced fellows and sports masters. There are several benefits to following such recommendations, including simplicity, clarity, dispassion, comparison, and complexity of predictions. You’re not all-powerful enough to take every little thing into account on your own.

There are many places where you find such coveted hints – first of all, we are talking about websites, but not only they are valuable. Social networks like Facebook come in handy. Nevertheless, remember that the network prohibits gambling, so sometimes finding good advice from the master may be problematic. A great and convenient alternative is Telegram.

A large selection of channels and several convenient functions further simplify the process. Keeping track of the favorites has never been easier. It is also very convenient for personal use, now you do not need to understand the complex interface, because everything is elementary here.
India is known for its great raw of professional masters and respected sports analysts. So it won’t be a problem to choose someone to follow. Outstanding resources and staff like Faizal Guru, OLBG, CBTF SHAAN FAMILY, JSK, and Baazigar stand out. They have diverse approaches to forecasting and provide their customers with comprehensive event determination.

However, do not forget that blindly believing one piece of advice is stupid. To be successful, you need to develop your thinking and improve your knowledge in the field. Comprehensive and extensive knowledge allows you to minimize losses and effectively put bids with maximum winnings. Thus, in addition to studying the recommendations, learn the main types of bookmaker’s offers, gambling features, game strategies, and so on. It is not superfluous to notice small things and decompose them.

To make the simplest forecast, apply the ability to compare the previous and current activity of athletes, general dynamics, tournament features and locations, motivation of both sides, the physical shape of opponents, and weather conditions. Over time, you even realize that researching on your own is very interesting, and even more useful than just applying someone else’s hints. Constantly improving your skills is the key to winning stakes, because when you are completely immersed in the process, you can see more details and draw parallels between them. Don’t be afraid, place bets and be the first.