Cricket is one of the most popular sports around the world. But few understand that you can make good money on it without much knowledge and effort. No office job compares to betting in terms of earning potential and the ease of the process.

That is why the MaaTV team has prepared you a comprehensive information resource where you can find everything to become a true professional in cricket betting. In this article, you will learn about the features of one unique WBBL league.

Let’s start!


What Is WBBL?

The Women’s Big Bash League, WBBL for short, is the women’s section of the legendary T20 Australian cricket tournament. It is worth noting that ten years ago, women’s cricket was underdeveloped and, as a result, less popular than the men’s tournament. In spite of this, the constant support from the fans and the spectacle with which the fairer sex play have allowed the women’s league to separate from the men’s competition and are now played separately.

Gamblers also have a great interest in the Australian tournament. Starting from 2015, bookmakers are in a hurry to add a corresponding money line so that their users can make deals for cricket squads. In 2018, ESPNcricinfo, the reputable news, and analysis resource, even added the league’s first season to its list of events that changed cricket. In addition, the 2021-2022 season literally scored a telecast in India. So, there is excitement and attention from the audience! Let’s see what number of sides will participate in the upcoming matches, and how to make money on it!

WBBL 2023 Teams Review

Below is a complete table of squads participating in the upcoming BBL women’s league. In the list, you can find the number of teams, squad stats, score results, and personal analytics.


Team Name Captain Coach MVP Last Season Last Season Score Review
Melbourne Stars         Meg Lanning Jarrad Loughman Kim Garth 5-7, 5th place The squad showed itself mediocre throughout all seasons of the championship, taking places below the fifth. Nevertheless, 2020 was a triumphant year for the club, where they took the gold.
Hobart Hurricanes         Rachel Priest Sallian Beams Tayla Vlaeminck 5-8, 6th place, Unfortunately, the “hurricanes” do not show their best throughout history, occupying the last lines of the list with enviable regularity. However, the team is notable for having a good batswoman.
Sydney Thunder         Rachael Haynes Trevor Griffin Smriti Mandhana 4-8, 7th place The club has been showing itself well since 2015, regularly getting into the top 3 sides. Special mention deserves batswoman, who set WBBL records. Analysts are hopeful that the team’s failure last year won’t happen again.
Adelaide Strikers         Tahila McGrath Luke Williams Katie Mack 7-6, 4th place Luke Williams is amazing! After his appointment, the club has already twice entered the top four of the list, in parallel setting records for the number of runs and points scored. The squad has high hopes for the upcoming tournament.
Sydney Sixers         Ellyse Perry Ben Sawyer Nicole Bolton 4-9, 8th place It would not be an exaggeration to say that the team’s stellar days ended a couple of years ago. Even so, the Sydney Sixers still holds the records for WBBL wins, runs, and wickets. The all-star line-up of the club is beyond doubt, and one can only hope that the star of glory will rise again over Sydney.
Perth Scorchers         Sophie Devine Shelley Nitschake Sophie Devine 9-3, 1st place Clear favorites for next season. The all-star team from Perth, regularly placed in the top 3 of the cricket tournament, finally won gold. The talent of the captain and coach is beyond doubt, and so many gamblers have high hopes the club.
Melbourne Renegades         Sophie Molineux Simon Helmot Harmanpreet Kaur 8-4, 2nd place Well-balanced side full of great players. Despite a clear outsider position throughout all seasons of the tournament, 2021-2022 have become triumphant for them. This year, they can also compete and fight for the championship title.
Brisbane Heat         Jess Jonassen Ashley Noffke Jess Jonassen 8-5, 3rd place Another the title of cricket champion contender of the upcoming tournament. Brisbane Heat is a regular performer in the top three every year except 2015 and 2017. The players do not set records, preferring to play as a team, so the result is visible to the naked eye.


The table should give you a complete understanding of the current state of affairs in the standings, who is the clear favorite, and who is the dark horse. Try to make your predictions based on this data!

WBBL Format

As can be understood from the table of the previous section, 8 squads participate in the 2023 championship. The system works like this: sides are required to play 14 matches, two with each opponent. In this case, one event must take place at the home stadium and the second at the opponent’s stadium. After games have been completed, the top four teams will advance to the playoffs and have the opportunity to compete for the title of the best.

Also, bettors should remember that the club with the most points in the qualifying bracket automatically advances to the final match of the league. At the same time, the other three playoff sides compete for the right to play for the championship title. Here is one great piece of advice that you need to keep in mind. The squad that automatically qualified for the finals will be much less tired, as they are going to play at least one game less than a potential competitor. Take advantage of this knowledge!
By the way, in 2023 the participant’s prize money was increased. First rank receives as much as half a million Australian dollars, second rank- 260 thousand, and third and fourth rank 80 thousand dollars each.

How to Bet in Women’s BBL?

Betting on WBBL is no different from gambling during other cricket tournaments. The earning process is also based on your analysis of the current situation and the selection of the best odds. Let’s see where you can get useful information to think about.

View the schedule of upcoming matches. First of all, you should pay attention to the schedule of events. Remember, it makes no sense to analyze each command separately from the others. All squads play in pairs, and it means you need to correctly understand which characteristics are useful for your favorites, and which will be an advantage against opponents!
Follow every game. If you haven’t entered the trade yet, then watch the first couple of matches.

This is going to help you better understand what form the players are in, what surprises they came to the competition with, and which teams are clearly fading into the background. To watch live matches, you need a reliable site. Fortunately, there are plenty of them on the Internet! Analyze results. On the MaaTV website, after the start of the cricket tournament, you can find a quality points table and the results of recent matches. It is a look at history that is going to help you make a prediction of the next game!

Check the odds with your bookmaker. You have decided on your favorite and are ready for the real game. Log in to your personal account and look at the odds for the event you are interested in. There are times when one bookmaker’s rate will be much more profitable than yours. For this reason, experienced people recommend having several fallbacks! Make your bet and wait for the results. It is the final stage. Enter the trade and just wait.

If you are a too emotional person, it is better not to watch the match live, step back and mind your own business. In the end, it is much more difficult to return nerves than money from an unsuccessful bet. After the end of the event, take the money from the bookmaker and withdraw it to your personal accounts! As you can see, the process of gambling on WBBL is exactly the same as in all other sports. Keep a cool head and everything will be amazing!

Brilliant WBBL Betting Tips

The Women’s Big Bash League gives cricket viewers a great time and a good opportunity to earn money. Do you want to get more profit and increase the win rate of your trades? You need to consider many factors during your daily activities. This section contains a list of the most useful and simple tips that become indispensable gambler helpers. Let’s start!

Learn about the new rules. The 2023 season has made some changes to the usual structure of the tournament. Therefore, spending a couple of hours getting acquainted with the rules of cricket itself and with the features of the wbbl tournament format will be useful.

Remember that your task is to thoroughly know every pitfall that gamblers face. And then you are going to be head and shoulders above them!

Use additional tools. The betting community is well-developed. It means every professional can communicate useful information to beginners in different ways. Someone creates closed groups for discussions, someone, on the contrary, shares his thoughts in the public domain. If you are confident in the opinion of a certain influencer, do not be afraid to repeat their actions. But at the same time, always have your own point of view, otherwise, you never become independent in betting!

Love cricket. It’s hard to make money on betting, in case you don’t like this sport. Work should bring not only money, but also joy. Then you will be sure you are not going to get bored with the process, and you will not run the risk of facing emotional burnout. To achieve the desired level of harmony, try to enjoy a couple of matches online. Luckily, telecast in India offers a full range of live events from different leagues. Believe me, wbbl games can surprise you no less than men’s league tournaments!

Watch the stats. The characteristic of each athlete is an integral part of the qualitative analysis of a professional player. For a deeper understanding of the system, imagine you are in a FIFA game. You collect a team of different characters, each of which has its own unique performance. This is true for our sport as well. Constantly monitor the condition of the athletes you are interested in, and know their strengths and weaknesses. Only in this way, you get a head start over the rest of the participants.

Fight emotions. Your main enemy is yourself. A good player differs from a bad one by the presence of sober thinking even in the most difficult moments. You can have perfect knowledge, but make hasty decisions and, as a result, lose. For this reason, do not rush anywhere, make all decisions consciously and thoughtfully. It will lead you to a successful result!
By following the above tips, you significantly reduce the risk of losing a trade and increase your cricket win rate. The MaaTV team encourages you to keep this list and refer back to it as needed.

Let’s Make You a Professional Today!

Cricket gambling makes people free from unloved work and the constant pursuit of money. All is needed for this result is a little hard work and a little attention. The WBBL is just one example of a good championship, with big odds and easy predictability. You have every chance to earn your first money thanks to this WBBL.

Join the community of players and become a professional today. And the MaaTV team will make sure you have all the necessary tools!